Booties on two needles for newborns

Many future mothers, having learned about the upcoming visit of the stork, are trying to get the best and necessary things for their crumbs. The main shoes of every baby under 1 year old are booties. If you have time to do needlework, try to tie the booties on two knitting needles. The baby will be pleased, and mother is calm.

Knitting bootees on two needles: tips needlewomen

Booties on two needles for newborns

Tips from experienced needlewomen will be useful to expectant mothers, who first armed themselves with knitting needles and want to make original and warm booties for the baby with their own hands. Before you start knitting a product, familiarize yourself with some aspects of creating booties:

  • it is best to choose a detailed scheme for knitting with step by step description;
  • the complexity of the product depends solely on your skills;
  • simple booties knit on two needles, for this you should master the alphabet of knitting: a set of loops, vyvyazyvanie facial and purl loops, their closing, nakida, diminishing;
  • maximum attention should be paid to the choice of yarn, any natural and soft thread will be suitable for booties;
  • to calculate the density of knitting should link the sample 10x10;
  • the size of the knitting needles should be selected in accordance with the density of the thread;
  • if you plan to knit multicolored booties, choose the right colors, they should blend harmoniously;
  • before starting knitting, you should determine the size depending on the age of the crumbs;
  • lateral parts and a sole need to be sewed with a hidden seam;
  • constantly recalculate the loop, so as not to lose them during the decrease and increase;
  • ready-made booties can be decorated with pompoms, buttons, rhinestones, figurines and other elements;
  • You can decorate booties with crocheted patterns.

Knit stylish booties uggs for crumbs

Fashion always dictates its own rules. Newborn babies were not left aside. To make your baby warm and comfortable, you can knit booties-ugg boots. In such shoes your baby will look stylish and fashionable. You can enlarge the upper part of the bootees yourself, for this you need to knit more rows in height. You can decorate baby booties with any rhinestones, stones, figures, pom-poms. The main thing is that all these decorated elements do not deliver the discomfort to the crumbs. So, we present a master class for beginners, how to tie booties on two knitting needles.

Booties on two knitting needles for beginners: master class

Necessary materials:

  • circular needles;
  • two color yarn;
  • hook;
  • needle for stitching.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. On the needles should dial forty-two loops.Booties on two knitting needles for beginners: master class
  2. The first six rows need to knit facial loops. Do not forget that the edge first loop should be removed, and the last one should be knitted out of the back.Booties on two knitting needles for beginners: master class
  3. A thread of a different color should be tied scars. To do this, three rows need to knit facial satin, alternating purl and facial rows, observing rapport.
  4. In the fourth row, two loops need to be knit together and make a nakid. By analogy, fit the entire row to the end.
  5. The next three rows are also knitted on the face.
  6. The first and last rows of the connected hem must be joined. To do this, on the wrong side, grab the loop of the first row and knit it with the loop of the last row. On account of these loops must match.Booties on two knitting needles for beginners: master class
  7. After performing such actions from the inside, the product should look like the one shown in the figure.Booties on two knitting needles for beginners: master class
  8. Thread the primary color should then knit English gum: 1 row knit facial surface.
  9. In the second row 1 eyelet front, the second is removed with a crochet.
  10. Subsequent rows need to knit facial loops with nakida. Loops should be grabbed over the top slice.

    Booties on two knitting needles for beginners: master class
  11. Then follow the loops so that there are 22 left in the middle. They need to be knitted with a scar of yarn of a different color.Booties on two knitting needles for beginners: master class
  12. In the next step, you need to model the toe of the shoe: knit 22 purl loops, on the front of the product - twice with 7 facial loops, and 8 and 9 loops - together with the front loop as well.
  13. Then the product should be turned on the other side and knit 7 purl loops. 8 and 9 loop also need to knit together purl.
  14. By analogy, you should continue to knit a sock until 8 out of 22 loops on the needles.Booties on two knitting needles for beginners: master class
  15. From one edge on the needles you need to leave 10 loops. On the opposite side should be knit 12-14 rows of facial loops.
  16. To tie a fastener, you need to add 7 eyelets in the first row.
  17. Button holes are knitted from two eyelets and nakida. To do this, knit 3 and 4 loops in a row together, and follow them to nakid.Booties on two knitting needles for beginners: master class
  18. The 10 loops remaining on the needles are knitted with a usual satin stitch. Need to knit about 12-14 rows, it will be the height of the booties.
  19. Booties need to sew behind a hidden seam.
  20. The upper edge of the product must be crocheted. You can choose any pattern or finish the usual column.Booties on two knitting needles for beginners: master class
  21. In the holes should sew buttons. These are the beautiful booties for a little knight or princess you get.

Warm booties for baby

Many young mothers practice creating things for the future with their own hands. Booties can be knitted in various ways: crochet or on five needles. Beginner needlewomen prefer to create booties with needles for newborns on two needles. We want to present to your attention a detailed description of knitting beautiful and stylish baby booties.

Booties on two needles with a description

Necessary materials:

  • knitting needles;
  • natural yarn;
  • decorative elements for decoration;
  • needle;
  • hook.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. On the spokes of the desired thickness should dial 31 loop.
  2. The first 6-8 rows need to knit any bilateral pattern at your discretion.
  3. Then you should knit 10 rows of ordinary stocking.
  4. All loops need to be divided into three equal parts. If the total number is not divided, then the rest of the eyelets is added to the middle part.Booties on two needles with a description
  5. In the right side you should knit 10 loops, and then 11 loops from the middle part.Booties on two needles with a description
  6. To model the tongue should knit 12 rows. It is necessary to take only loops from the middle part, observing rapport.Booties on two needles with a description
  7. Next, the product should be turned to the front side. From each edge loop of the right part of the product, you need to dial one loop and knit them.
  8. Then you need to knit all the loops of the right and middle parts. Finish the knitting row with a set of edge loops on the left side of the product.
  9. In each of the following front rows, a decrease should be performed: at the beginning and at the end of the row, knit 2 loops together, and in the center - 3.
  10. Knitting products ends with a row of purl loops tied to the middle. The thread needs to be cut off.Booties on two needles with a description
  11. Using auxiliary thread, you should knit a few more rows.
  12. Loops do not need to close, they must be sewn continuously with the back of the booties.
  13. Booties can be knitted with the same color yarn and decorated with ribbon, pompoms or crocheted chain.

Booties, tied with their own hands, will warm not only the feet of your crumbs, but also the soul. After all, when you create the first children's shoes you invest your boundless care and love. You can use any decorative elements to decorate booties. Happiness and health to you and your baby!

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