Book baby do it yourself

Do with the child a book- very exciting, interesting and useful activity. If the baby is still small, you yourself can sew a development book made of cloth or stick together from paper. In this book you can write or attach something very important for your baby. And when he grows up, he will be able to draw and write in it independently. So his first book will appear.

Book baby do it yourself

The process of creating such a book is very simple; everything that is at hand can be useful to you: various patches, picture postcards, a photo album, poems, etc.

How to make a book baby paper out with their own hands?

When you have already decided on the choice of the topic (it’s better if one book is illustrated in the book) and you have chosen the material for the book - paper, the next thing you need to do is think about how many pages there will be in the booklet of the baby. For a small child it is not necessary to make many pages - 5-6 will be enough. The book should be large in size so that the child can easily see the illustrations. The size of the book should correspond to the format of A4 paper.

Book baby do it yourself

Almost every woman has unnecessary unnecessary shreds, trimming, braid, ribbons, lace, buttons, applications, they will be useful to you for a homemade book baby. The cover can be decorated with applications, embroidery or drawings of their own accord, write the name of the child there. It can be covered with a cloth, placing inside a synthetic winterizer or cotton wool.

On all pages, place a pre-invented developmental plot - it can be any object that will interest and amuse your baby. Pictures should be large, colorful, large, clear, placed on a plain background. Illustrations can be drawn by yourself, printed on a color printer or cut from a magazine. Keep in mind that the drawing drawn by you is initially alive and different from the factory one.

Book baby do it yourself

On one page should not be shown more than 1-2 objects. We sew to the first page a large pocket with a zipper, and inward we place several bright fabric triangles resembling sacs. Their content can be different: from cereals, beans, beads to pebbles, which will help the child develop tactile sensations.

Educational games in the book baby

You can weave several woolen laces and place them on the page of the book in different places - stringing buttons, beads, shells and other small objects on them, the baby will touch and study them.

Book baby do it yourself

You can come up with a developmental game for the child and place it on one of the pages - for example, make holes by inserting fingers into them, the baby will get a tail in a doggie, horns and a kid, legs in a caterpillar. Such Games will give a lot of positive emotions to your little man, as well as help the development of fine motor skills.

Your book may also have a soundtrack (bell, rattles), they will be very useful if the kid likes to listen to music, so he can listen to a lullaby for the night; functional additions: various pockets, there you can put something for the crumbs, windows (opening them, he will be able to see various characters). You can make a slot where you and the baby will insert removable objects according to the picture.

Book baby do it yourself

Separately, you can make a page with a flower bed, glue or sew flowers from fabric with petals of different shades, butterflies, birds, animals from different materials, which differ to the touch.

Also, the baby will be interested if you create the first in his life. aquarium. It is done very easily, a blue background is drawn, a cellophane or a file is taken, it will be an imitation of water. Draw and cut the inhabitants of the aquarium. Fish tied to the gum or ribbon and attached to the top of the page.

Remember, the display of pictures should be accompanied by your story about them. Kid likes to listen, when you read him books. Let the baby still does not understand the words, but the intonation, the emotionality of what was said, the timbre of the voice will surely catch. And viewing bright pictures, contributes todevelopment of color perception, focusing on the object.

Book baby do it yourself

Book toy for a child

This is a toy and a book at the same time. A rattle can be attached to it, along the handle of which the abacus beads will move. The book in the form of a car, made of thick cardboard, can be not only read, but also roll on the table, clearly showing the movement of transport, turn the wheels. A book-animal can participate in the presentation of the home puppet theater.

The main thing - do not be afraid to dream, in the book you can place any items with which the child will be interested to play, and at the same time to study them. It can be animals from pieces of cloth, houses with opening windows, caskets with interesting contents, garlands of beads, beads and lacing - anything that contributesto the creative and mental development of your little Pomuchuk.

Book baby do it yourself

Binding of children's books do quite durable. Often use spring-mount, so that the book can lie wide open; a child may be interested in a construction unknown to him. It is also very good if you make a folding book, it folds up like an accordion, and even the smallest crumb can "open" it by slightly pulling the first page. For longer service, the books of the page are covered with a special transparent film.

For the crumbs, it is still a mystery how you can skillfully decipher the squiggles on the pages. But the beautiful rhyme or intricate plot of the picture in the book is so interesting that the child will return to them again and again. Reading books to your child, studying illustrations, helping him to recognize words and images, thereby you will participate in his development andshare unforgettable moments of knowledge of the world with your baby.

Book baby do it yourself

Scarce understands perfectly well: when parents are near and read a book, they are only busy with them. Create and delight your kids!

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Give them as much time as possible, because the most wonderful moments in their lives - spent with their parents reading their favorite books and listening to instructive stories!


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