Bolero for a girl with knitting needles

What makes an elegant lady? Of course, elegant details of the dress! It is to such a little cape on the shoulders. This thing is useful and very young princesses, if you want to update the wardrobe of the baby beautiful and at the same time functional products. We will tell you how to knit a bolero for a girl with knitting needles, we will give diagrams and descriptions - try it!

Beautiful and functional

Bolero for a girl with knitting needles: diagrams and descriptionBolero for girls

Fashion for short, to the waistline, capes with sleeves or without them, has its origins in the XIX century. Since then, this thing has been constantly featured in haute couture and ready-to-wear collections of different seasons for women of any age. And children's fashion is no exception. However, for little girls, teenagers, a short jacket is also:

  • wind protection;
  • cover shoulders;
  • Detail of a carnival costume.

And the most important thing is to knit a bolero for a girl with knitting needles even inexperienced knitters can. How to do this, using the schemes and descriptions, we will continue.

90% of success is threads

How to choose threads for knitting

Since this is a child model, the choice of yarn should be approached especially responsibly. It is better if it is natural fiber. Do not worry: you need only about 130 g for a baby's jacket, so you should not save money on quality. They should be soft, strong, elastic. That is, choose from:

  • mohair;
  • wool and wool mixture;
  • cashmere;
  • angora;
  • toffee

In addition, there are a number of points that will have to pay attention:

  • the thickness of the thread, as well as the amount needed to complete the pattern. If you knit a product with sleeves for fall-winter, then mohair or angora is exactly what you need;
  • yarn quality. The color of the thread should be uniform over the entire length. The only exception is blend yarn;
  • features of care. It is more difficult to care for natural yarn, if only because it will have to be washed manually.

Even the most beautiful and functional clothes are “lost” if they are made incorrectly or mistakenly combined. As for the bolero, the choice of model depends on the thread. So, if we are talking about a warm thing, then it is better to knit cashmere, angora and mohair. Summer models do not necessarily have to be knitted from natural yarn - fine acrylic will do just fine.

As for the style, for the cold season it is better that the bolero is not too “in the hole” and without a fastener. But for the summer, on the contrary, the threads are chosen thinner, and the pattern is more “flying”.

3 original schemes with description

Most often, the bolero pattern for young ladies is a rectangle with holes for hands. The difference is only in the quality of thread and decorative elements (decoration, accessories). We offer to your attention a scheme with a description of the models of a bolero for a girl of 3-5 years old, knitting.

Blouse on ties

Bolero for a girl with knitting needles: diagrams and description

Bolero knitting scheme


  • 150g half-woolen yarn;
  • straight needles number 3;
  • hook.


  1. We collect 150 loops.
  2. Knit canvas elastic 2x2.
  3. Purl rows are knitted as loops look.
  4. Tie up to the level of the armpits, go to the additional knitting needle. Knit 15 cm separately, and then go back to 2 needles.
  5. After 4 rows close the crochet loops.
  6. Crochet tie the edges.
  7. Making the strings. Steam off

Lace Cape

Even in summer there are days when you have to warm yourself. Just for such cases it is worth tying the lace bolero.

Open cape with knitting needles


  • 150 g of cotton thread;
  • Spokes straight number 3;
  • hook.


  1. For the back recruit 123 loops. Knit a number of purl.
  2. Next, knit 1 purl, do nakid, 11 facial, 1 nakid, 1 purl. Repeat rapport to the end of the row.
  3. Then in the next row 1 face, remove 2 loops from the left to the right knitting needle, turning them as facial, change the loops in places and knit them in a drawing, 6 facial loops.Knitting pattern
  4. 1 purl, 1 nakid, 5 facial, 1 purl, 5 facial, 1 nakid, 1 purl. Repeat until the end of the row.
  5. 1 purl, 5 facial, 1 purl, 5 facial, 1 purl.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 to the required length.
  7. Getting to the shelves. They fit in the form of rectangles according to the described rapport. We collect 100 loops.
  8. For the sleeve we collect 63 loops. Knit according to the scheme.How to tie a cape for a girl
  9. We connect the details, we crochet them (it can be arches from the air loop, nakida, air loop, knitted through the loop of the base).
  10. We make straps from the chain of air loops and steam. Summer bolero knitting needles for a girl on a simple scheme with a description ready.

Simple and tasteful

This thing is especially for cases when you need to look moderately modest, but elegant.

Simple bolero for a girl with knitting needles


  • 150 grams of wool;
  • straight needles number 3;
  • hook;
  • big safety pin.


  1. We collect 80 loops.
  2. We knit 6 rows of garter stitch (all loops are purl).Knit 6 rows of garter stitch
  3. 12 loops knit garter stitch, 56 face stitch, 12 garter stitch.12 loops knit garter stitch, 56 face stitch
  4. Purl rows are knitted by drawing.Purl rows knit by drawing
  5. We knit to the required length, finish with 4 rows of garter knitting.
  6. Divide the canvas into 3 parts (25-30-25). We collect one part on a pin, we close loops of the middle, and with the rest we work.One piece is collected on a pin
  7. We knit 12 loops with a garter stitch, 13 with the front satin stitch.
  8. We start the next row with 6 loops on the front surface, then turn the canvas, front surface, turn, continue surface until the dressing.We start the next row with 6 eyelets on the face.
  9. Knit 3 more rows with turns on the previous step.
  10. Then, in the same way, we make 6 rows of garter stitch.Make the sleeve
  11. Knit to the desired length, alternating steps 8-10, close the loop and sew to the back.
  12. Make the second shelf symmetrical.We sew the sleeves to the back
  13. Tie the edges with teeth, sew the stitching and steam. Elegant bolero for girls ready.We tie the edges of the teeth

Descriptions of bolero patterns for girls connected by knitting needles make it easy and fairly quick to update the wardrobe of small and young princesses with a useful and beautiful thing. The pattern of models makes it possible to vary the length of the finished product, that is, to focus on the growth of the heiress. In this case, an elegant little thing will last more than one season.

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