Blue flowers

For many people, blue is associated with the sky, brings peace and tranquility. Among flower growers it was he who gained a lot of fans. With the help of the colors of this shade you can create an unusual blue glade on your personal plot. By the way, such a solution will help to expand the space visually, and such a composition will be combined with plants of cold colors (white, silver, pale pink, etc.).

Blue flowers: photo and name

You can highlight the names of the most common colors of blue:

Zeanotus is a standard among similar plants. They can reach a height of 100-150 cm. But the flower does not grow everywhere, but only in the southern terrain, where winters are not too cold;

Blue flowers: names and photos

Blue flowers may have unusual names, for example: Potato Tree or Mountain Ash;

Blue flowers: names and photos

Blue flowers: names and photos

Forget-me-not - the most famous among the plants of heavenly hue;

Blue flowers: names and photos

The delphinium has a sea name, and this plant is distinguished by various shades that have their own individual names: dark purple or Altai, icy blue or melt water, etc. At home, you can grow real giants from the delphinium up to 3 m! Because of this, the inflorescences must be tied up in time;

Blue flowers: names and photos

Lobelia erinus has small flowers with ultramarine, sky blue and azure colors. In height, this species of lobelia reaches 15 cm. Also, this plant is called Color Candidate. It is a weed, and with poisonous seeds;

Blue flowers: names and photos

Irises - depending on the species, their flowers can have a different color - from light blue, one can say - celestial, to saturated dark blue.

Blue flowers: names and photos

Meadow geranium - flowers in it are large-sized, grayish-blue. It takes root in the majority on wet meadows, in a shady area. Even after the end of the flowering period, this plant does not lose its beauty. It reaches a height of 50-100 cm;

Blue flowers: names and photos

Field bells - their colors range from bright blue to dark purple.

Blue flowers: names and photos

How to paint the flowers blue?

If you want to surprise someone with a chic and unusual floral bouquet, but do not know how to do it, then the option of dyeing fresh flowers in various shades, for example, in blue, will suit you. Often, after this, the buds take on a completely different look and even shape, which is why they look as if they have disappeared from the illustrations of fabulous books.

Most often flowers are painted by professional breeders or shops selling plants, but this can be done without difficulty at home. For this activity you will need the plants themselves, preferably white, food coloring, a vase and water.

To begin with, dilute the food coloring in a separate container in room temperature water. The cut on the stem of the flower needs to be updated and made oblique - so its area will become larger. Then the flowers must be placed in water with a dye, the first result will be visible already after a couple of hours, but the coloring process will be completed after 7-8 hours. The time that will be needed to change the color depends in the first place on the type of plants and on the conditions in which the modernization takes place.

Lilies are the most susceptible to staining, the results become noticeable after less than an hour. If you need to carry out this procedure sooner, then the plant container should be placed in a sunny place. The high temperature catalyzes the evaporation process, respectively, and the flower will consume more liquid, so it will color faster.

But this way you can paint flowers not only in 1 color, but also in different ones. It is necessary to make a cut along the stem and place the resulting parts in containers in different dyes, so you can get unusual colored petals as a result.

There is one more method of coloring plants in different shades: first, the flower must be held in a container with one dye, and then, after making a fresh cut on the stem, put it in a vessel with another dye. But when changing containers, the cut must be held with a finger in order to prevent oxygen from entering the stem.

The cream and white plants change their color best of all, but for this experiment you can take red roses, they change their shade, even if it is not so pronounced.

Blue flowers: names and photos

You can also try to do other manipulations on the coloring of flowers in various shades:

  1. On the bushes, white and cream flowers must be watered with a dye solution. In order to turn the color of roses into blue, the ground around the bush should be watered with cobalt acid;
  2. Fresh cut flowers will first need to be dipped in a solution of fuchsin, and then in potash. Thus, the petals of plants are painted with a soft blue tint;
  3. Blue and blue colors can be given a green tint, for this they need to hold over a lit cigarette or treat with ammonium carbonate;
  4. Violet flower petals easily turn into bright scarlet. For this flower should be lowered into a weak solution of sulfuric acid. The composition must be made very weak, otherwise fragile petals can be damaged;
  5. To lighten the bright shade of the plant, the rose can be placed in a closed container with glowing sulfur. After a short period of time, the petals brighten and then completely become white. The same manipulations for lightening shades can be done with gladioli, asters and violets.

Flowers of blue color will become a real living decoration of any garden, the main thing is to properly care for them. You can also arrange at home a real fabulous corner, for example, from blue roses, for this they need only be painted. With knowledge of the features of technology, it will not be any difficulty!

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