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Blooming irga

Irga has many specific forms, which are distinguished by a very neat and beautiful appearance.

Irga tolerates cold winters and in general, in the care is not too whimsical plant.

Irgi leaf plate is special. It is decorated with a light, white with a silver tint.

During the flowering period, the plant is decorated with many white flowers. Tint may not be pure white, but have a pinkish tint. Flowers are not singly arranged, but are removed in delicate inflorescences.

Irga blooms in spring, so that it can be planted in rads mixed with those shrubs that are characterized by a summer flowering period. And then you get a garden that blooms for a longer time, as it will delight you with the beauty of colorful inflorescences in spring and summer.

After the irga has completely blossomed and has cast off all the petals of fragrant inflorescences, the fluff from the leaves will disappear too and you will see an ordinary shrub plant with a well-developed trunk and lush crown.


Fruiting is characterized by the appearance of small red-colored fruits that look a lot like apples. These fruits are collected in tassels and in their structure they are different in different varieties of irgi. Somewhere more dense red "apples", and on other bushes soft.

Later, the fruit will darken to a bluish tint, and in some places will be black.

Taste the quality of the fruit irgi pretty not bad. The flesh is sweet and juicy. Therefore, it becomes clear love for them birds. Eating the fruits of irgi, the birds transfer its seeds to other territories, so it spreads and occupies more and more new areas.

Use of irgi

Used in designer landings. Can be used as a plant for growing a hedge of medium height.

Planting irgi

Place for landing, you can choose absolutely any. Drought or excess moisture, the warm season or frost - irgy everything is nothing. She will feel well and on not too fertile soils.

You can find her a place along the fence.

However, remember that for the speedy growth of your snow irish it is best to plant it on the sunny side of the plot. Good lighting plant loves.


Irga is planted in autumn. If you decide to land only in the spring, you have missed, so to speak, autumn days, then choose the very first spring month. Planted in the early spring, the irga will also feel good to itself.

Irga is propagated by root suckers or seeds. So that if you do not get a young bush for planting, and even more so if there are already several irgi landings on your site, then you can safely use the root shoots for transplanting. You can try cuttings and plant this shrub. It will also take root pretty well.

If you use seeds, sow them in late autumn. By spring, get a little green shoots.

If planting is made not by seeds and root shoots, but by a full-fledged young shrub, then remember that, like any shrub plant, an irga requires the preparation of a planting pit. To do this, you need to dig a hole and fill it with fertilizer. When disembarking a bush, the irgi is buried by five to seven centimeters at most. After the planting has been successfully carried out, the plant should be watered and cut off the top so that only a small part of the irgi, containing four to five buds, remains in the aboveground space.


Care Irga

Irga does not require special attention and control over her condition. It will be enough to provide her with those measures of care that are considered common to all shrub (and not only) plants.

After planting the day after three it can be fertilized. It is better to choose nutritional mixtures with potassium and phosphorus.

At times, weeds should be actively controlled and dry and old branches, as well as inflorescences, should be removed.

Irga does not require mandatory pruning in the process of its growth, but treats it well, especially if you cut the plant in spring.

Root growth should be thoroughly thinned, leaving only a few young shoots.

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