Black and white cross stitch patterns of graceful cats and

Black and white cross stitch patterns have been particularly popular lately. This is due to the fact that it is quite easy to embroider pictures, and the pattern itself is very beautiful and elegant. In addition, the work will take a little time, and even a beginning master will be able to master the technique.

Black and white cross stitch patterns

If you decide to master the black-and-white cross-stitch technique, it is best to start with small-sized pictures that do not require special calculations and take quite a bit of time. After acquiring basic skills, it will be possible to proceed to work with more complex pictures.

In black and white embroidery, there are only 2 techniques of drawing on the fabric:

  • contour;
  • monochrome embroidery.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as varies in complexity of the work.

Contour technology

The simplest method of creating black and white embroidery masterpieces is the contour technique. Its peculiarity is that embroidery is performed only with the use of white or black threads. The cross-stitch patterns of black and white silhouettes look especially beautiful and impressive.

Black and white embroidery patterns

For example, just such a picture of a girl dancing in the rain can be performed in various variations: on a black or white background. For the white background, choose the usual base, and for the darkened one - black fabric. But keep in mind that working with a black base is difficult enough, because you can not always see the necessary holes for the needle.

If there is such a problem, try one of the following options:

  1. Place a plain white material under the bottom of the black fabric and carefully pull the base on the hoop. The white background will appear through the holes, and it will be much easier to find and calculate the necessary number of crosses.
  2. Put a white adhesive tape on your index fingers. By swiping your fingers under the cloth, it will be much easier to find holes.
  3. The base of the black fabric can be rubbed with ordinary soap, then it will become gray and work will be much easier. And after you finish embroidering the pattern, the soap can be easily removed by stretching the picture in warm water.

Also do not forget that it is desirable to work with embroidery during the day with natural light.

But such a woman’s silhouette will be executed even by those who have never held a thread with a needle in their hands. It is better to embroider the girl’s eyes and earrings in a contrasting color - this way you can add some zest to the finished picture, and the outlines will stand out significantly.

Black and white cross stitch patterns

Lovers of the animal world can try in the contour technique to embroider silhouettes of various animals. For example, a horse made according to this scheme will be very beautiful.

Black and white cross stitch patterns: horse

And such a funny cat will become a worthy decoration of the children's room.

Black and white cross stitch patterns: cat

Embroidering in black and white contour technique is quite simple, and the finished work is almost weightless. The only drawback of this method can be considered only the large presence of an unfilled base. Although if you want to even fix it, it's quite simple - to embroider the background with white threads.

Monochrome embroidery

Monochrome method of creating black-and-white works is especially popular in embroidery. A distinctive feature of this embroidery is that the work can be used not only the base color, but also all sorts of shades. Such pictures are more saturated and contrasting, although the process itself takes more time and requires certain skills.

Black and white monochrome embroidery

Black and white cats

If a man is most often associated with formidable animals, for example, a lion or a tiger, then cats are a primordially female characteristic. Perhaps that is why many of us love these pets so much, and needlewomen try to capture them on the canvas.

A worthy representative of the series of "cat pictures" will be such a simple pattern for embroidery. On the Internet, these schematic images are called "I-cat". You must admit that such embroidery will look quite funny and original.

Cross Stitch Patterns: Black and White Cats

These patterns for embroidery fit more for lovers of the classics. And if you embroider a graceful cat in black with the addition of various shades of gray on the face and mustache, the picture will turn out to be luxurious.

Cross Stitch Patterns: Black and White Cats

The picture, embroidered according to this pattern, will be a fun and fancy birthday gift for a close friend. Such a present will surely be remembered for a long time by other guests and will also be a worthy decoration of the boy’s room.

Cross Stitch Patterns: Black and White Cats

Couples in love

Romantic ladies will love the variety of black and white patterns for embroidering two people in love. Little boy and girl will be excellent representatives of this category. The finished image will look pretty cute and romantic, and contrasting flowers on a black background will bring a bit of life into the picture.

Cross Stitch Patterns: Black and White Pairs

Looking for a gift for your beloved boyfriend on Valentine's Day or another significant date? Try to personally embroider a picture according to this scheme. Your loved one will definitely appreciate this work.

Cross Stitch Patterns: Black and White Pairs

But such a black and white picture, embroidered with your own hands, can be presented to your mother, aunt or grandmother. It will be a good decoration of the interior of a bedroom or living room.

Cross Stitch Patterns: Black and White Pairs

In memory of the wonderful time spent at sea together with a friend, you can embroider this pattern. Such a picture will stir up pleasant and warm memories even on cold winter evenings.

Cross Stitch Patterns: Black and White Pairs

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Black and white cross stitch patterns

Black and white patterns for cross stitching can be found a lot more on various subjects. In our article we tried to highlight the most popular topics and hope that you enjoyed it. Creative success!

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