Bird cherry in bloom

Cherry blossom is something !!! What an indescribable aroma you feel as you walk past the thick plantings of this plant. White flowers that are up to five to six centimeters in length are the source of fragrances.

Bird cherry tree is a tree plant that can be up to eight meters high.

The flowering period of bird cherry is spring.

At the time of fruiting, we can observe small berries with a stone inside. They are covered with a dark dense skin and very edible.

Use bird cherry

The bird cherry is one of the representatives of cultivated tree plants. It is actively used as an element of decor in landscape design.

A hedge of a bird cherry will look good, and the harvest will give a rich one.

Planting bird cherry

For planting, you can pick up a well-lit, and shaded place, but in the shade of such abundant flowering, as with direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation, will not.

Prepare landing pits with the expectation that they go to a depth of sixty centimeters and are located from each other at a distance of up to one - one and a half meters, for landing a hedge can be a little closer.

Soil drainage is not necessary, but organic fertilizers are important. Put them (mixed with dirt) in the landing holes, plant young plants and water. Bury the bird cherry when planting should not be.

Bird cherry care

Caring for bird cherry is reduced to regular watering. At least once a week in dry hot weather and once every three weeks in conditions of normal temperature.

Removing weeds near your planting is also helpful.

Fertilizing fertilizer spend before flowering and fruiting. For this purpose, liquid fertilizers can be used.

Loosening the soil near the landings can be carried out the first two years. Then this procedure is no longer required.

Monitor the general condition of the plants in planting.

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