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Mice are not only not the most pleasant rodents, but also quite dangerous, since they often act as carriers of infection. They rarely appear in city apartments, so a person is not always ready for them, and the sudden question of capture leads to a dead end. How to do this if the usual and reliable mousetrap is not at hand?

As without a mousetrap catch a mouse in the apartment?

How to catch a mouse in an apartment without a mousetrap

Before you go fishing a rodent directly, you need to make sure that he is flattered by the bait prepared for him, and this will happen only if there are no such “sweets” anywhere else. Experts advise to remove from the accessibility zone all cereals and other dry products in metal or glass containers, as well as temporarily discard vases with flowers and other open water sources. Failure to quench thirst for mice is more terrible than hunger, therefore, even if you do not catch them, then drive them away.

  • The most convenient method, which almost does not require any extra actions, involves the purchase of a special glue that has a pleasant (for a rodent) flavor. This tool should be rubbed with any cardboard, plank or other removable and mobile surface, then leave in a visible place and wait. The mouse will become interested in the “delicacy” and will stick to it, after which it will only be left to carry it along with the tablet to the street. You can enhance the effect and add real bait: cheese, lard, etc. The disadvantage of this method lies only in the fact that in the presence of small children or animals in the house there is a risk of their accidental contact with the agent, which is toxic.
  • Some sources recommend trying not to catch a mouse at home, and immediately poison it: for this purpose, both powders and liquids are used, which are mixed with bait. In the same way, some household mixes can be used - for example, from lime with sugar or from alabaster with grits. Reliable, quite simple, but with some nuances: a rodent can die not at the "crime scene", but a little further, for example, running somewhere in the crack. As a result, the house will have the unpleasant smell of a decaying corpse, which still needs to be found.
  • How to catch a mouse in a bottle? Quite a cunning, but effective method that does not harm the rodent: for this it is desirable to use a glass bottle with a wide neck, in which there used to be oil. If it was not there, you can briefly pour a small amount into it, spreading it evenly over the walls. Throw the bait to the bottom, bring any “ladder” to the throat - a ruler, a broom, etc. An interested mouse will jump for a delicacy, but will not be able to get back.

How to catch a mouse in a bottle

  • With the help of the bottle, you can turn the alternative idea, but you need a large bucket, which is filled with water. The bottle is fixed above it in a horizontal position on any possible "skewer": a thread and a thin stick will do. It is important that the bottle spins. In the center it is coated or tied with a bait, after which they make a "ladder" to the bucket and bottle. The mouse that runs to the middle will trigger the surface to rotate and will be dropped into the water.
  • Also, if there is no mousetrap in the house, you can catch a mouse in a glass jar: according to the algorithm of the action, the scheme is very similar to working with a mousetrap. For this purpose, a capacity of 1-2 liters is needed, to the bottom of which (from the inside) any bait is fixed, and the jar itself is turned over so that the throat is looking down. You need to put it so that it is at an angle - this will help a small - 5 rubles - a coin, put on the edge. As soon as the mouse tries to slip under the jar, attracted by the smell, the coin moves and the trap closes.

After the pest is not only detected, but also neutralized, and you make sure that there are no rodents in the apartment besides it, care should be taken to prevent their appearance. To do this, check the possible places of their penetration and fill these holes with foam, or cover them with a tightly nailed board. In the air ducts it is necessary to put the grilles, and just in case get a mousetrap. And it is better - a cat: even its smell will already work as a deterrent.

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