Beds of tires with their own hands. beds of scrap materials

Owners of the infield always try to decorate it in all possible ways. Today, for this purpose, they often use old tires, from which they make flowerbeds of various shapes and sizes.

Before you begin, you need to study the site plan in detail and find a place for a future flower bed. So it will be possible to determine as accurately as possible, install only a single version or start creating original and large compositions.

It looks interesting multilevel flower bed, for the manufacture of which will need to take several tires, while they must be of different diameter.

Next, the workpiece is cut in the middle, the result should be a ring. Now you can collect a flower bed - at the very bottom are placed large tires. Sand and crushed stone are poured on the bottom, then fertile soil mixture is laid out.

Now in the middle of the chamber it is necessary to place a smaller tire and fill it with sand, rubble, soil mixture again. Such a bed may have 2 or more tiers, depending on the number of tires used, as well as their height.

In the spaces formed between the tires, it is necessary to plant flowers. It is advisable to stop the choice on ground cover, cascading flowers, ivy and plain lawn grass are also suitable. The cameras themselves can be painted in suitable colors.

Photo selection of original variants

Flower beds of tires with their own hands

Flower beds of tires with their own hands

Flower beds of tires with their own hands

Flower beds of tires with their own hands

Flower beds of tires with their own hands

How to make a bed of tires?

  • To create a bed of old tires, you must first make labels. To this end, a drawing is applied on the side, according to which the required shape will be cut. This is done with chalk or soap.
  • First of all, the circle will be cut, and the contours of the external pattern can be made angular, sharp, smooth, rounded (it all depends on personal preferences).
  • As soon as this part of the work is completed, it is necessary to start cutting out beautiful petals. To make this easier to do, it is recommended to periodically wet the knife in water. All cut elements must be held by hand to give them additional stability. You need to work very carefully, because you can get hurt.
  • In the next stage, the tire turns inside out. It is necessary to prepare for the fact that it will be quite difficult and it will be necessary to make every effort. Gradually moving around the circumference of the workpiece, all edges completely unbend. As soon as the entire tire is removed, the flowerbed is almost complete and it remains to apply a little effort.
  • Now the base must be thoroughly cleaned with water and a special lipid dissolving agent. The ideal option would be to use a brush of medium hardness. At the end, the blank is dried thoroughly, then painted in any color. As soon as the tire dries, you can plant flowers in it.

From old tires you can make a lot of useful decorative elements for the summer cottage. For example, a flower bed is a single or group suspended pots, alpine slide. Work does not require large expenditures. You will need tires, exterior paint and favorite flowers that you need to fill in the prepared base.

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