Beds of plastic bottles with their own hands

Many of us can find more than one plastic bottle at home or in the country. Someone stores water in them, someone - plastic bottles themselves "just in case." And now comes the moment when you want to transform the summer cottage ... Suddenly? But it is precisely in this question that plastic bottles will help just the same.

In the creation of flower beds in the country plastic bottles - the best option. Choosing it, you save money and give free rein to your imagination!

Beds of plastic bottles

What plastic bottles to take for flower beds?

Of course, transparent bottles from simple mineral water will do. But will they look so beautiful? So will they stand out on the motley cover of the earth, grass, autumn leaves, and finally snow? Most likely not. Therefore, it is better to take colored plastic bottles for flower beds. Bottles can be red, yellow, green, blue and other colors.

Plastic bottles have a different texture. Colored plastic bottles can be both transparent and opaque. What to choose - your idea will tell you. Better fit translucent colored plastic bottles.

In addition, for the design of flowerbeds, it is necessary to take into account the shape of the plastic bottle. Not only thin plastic bottles from drinks, but also used bottles from cleaning products and detergents, bottles from ketchup, etc., will be suitable for processing beds. Your choice of plastic bottles depends on what idea on your site you decide to implement.

Beds of plastic bottles

Ideas for beds from plastic bottles

In order to make a flower bed with your own hands, you must first know exactly what you want to get in the final result. To do this, look through special magazines, look at the pictures with designer designs and tips. Take something from the designers, copy from fashion magazines, add something to your own. It will turn out original.

In any business there are basics that are worth mastering. All the work is already being built on these basics, complex commendable things, masterpieces are obtained. So, in decorating the backyard with the help of plastic bottles, these very elements are as follows:

  • For the protection of flower beds, select the bottle in size and texture. They can take different colors (two or more). Not bad will look and fencing of two different forms of bottles, which will alternate (fence).
  • The most beautiful flower fences look from the same bottle height. You choose the height of the fence yourself, cutting off the unnecessary (most often it is done from the side of the neck) by the desired number of centimeters.

Beds of plastic bottles

  • For the protection of flower beds cut the same height of the bottle put upside down, pressing into the ground, so as not carried away by the wind.
  • Decorate flower beds with flowers from plastic bottles. You can try to make such as suggested in the article Flowers from plastic bottles with your own hands. You can also fantasize and come up with new original flowers.
  • For example, from mayonnaise buckets can be made daisies. They turn out large; and the middle can be made from the yellow lid from the bucket.
  • To create lilies take matte opaque packaging from under the products.
  • If you want to make a poppy, use a plastic ketchup bottle. True, it is harder to work with dense materials.
  • Leaves to all colors cut out of green bottles, both transparent and opaque.
  • Decorate flowers in flowerbeds with insects from plastic bottles. To do this, turn on your imagination and apply all your efforts.
  • The bee is easy to make from a plastic bottle of vegetable oil. It is easy to paint it in yellow and black stripes, since the basting is already there. The wings of a bee can be made from wire, or from pieces of transparent plastic bottles.

Beds of plastic bottles

  • You can make ladybirds from a red opaque plastic bottle.
  • Make black bugs from black plastic bottles.
  • Wings of dragonflies make green and blue plastic bottles, both transparent and not very. And the body can be twisted from thick wire or cut from a black plastic bottle.

The scope for your imagination is huge!

Care for such beds is not difficult. It is enough to water the flowers and remove the weeds that periodically grow, despite the good quality tillage.

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