Beautiful flower beds with their own hands

Who among us does not like flowers! Bright, fragrant, decorating our lives. If you have a summer cottage, then you, of course, are interested in how to make a flower bed with your own hands. Broken flower beds perform an aesthetic function. They also help to aestheticize the overall look of the house, to elevate it. If you know how landscape designers create flowerbeds, then you can build them according to all the rules.

How to make a flower bed?

How to make a flower bed?

First of all, pay attention to the integrity of your lawn. Trim it, trim it. If there is a tall grass in patches, mow it down. Give the plot a neat and level look. Think about what you want to make a flower bed, draw a scheme of actions. For this you need colored pencils or felt-tip pens. Draw a circle inside the compass another. Sign each one with numbers. Mark the picture on which you plan to collect a flower bed. Flowers should go in circles and separated by color spots. If there is a raznotsvete, it will turn out ugly. Determine the flowers by seasonality. All plants must bloom and bloom at the same time so that a single natural harmony is observed. On each bag with seeds or grown flowers there is a detailed description of their growth, feeding, watering. There are options for planting plants on the level of longlines. That is, when flowers go as if by waves, steps, rounding. For example, tall plants - with inflorescences higher, those that have a smaller height - with low. The general principle of landing is the height gradation.

We must not forget that in the plan there is such a detail as bringing the flower garden to a perfect view of the flower bed. In the foreground there may be such flowers as ground covers. From their name should be a quick ground cover, and therefore gardening of bare plots on a flower bed. To create a longline composition, you can use various old wooden tubs, barrels, cracked vases. Some have adapted to plant flowers in their boots. Let them be bright colors, better neat little children. In such, indeed, the flowers look cute. Flower beds are divided by complexity into several types:

  • Vertical - a flower garden is created in the form of a wall or a volumetric figure. Plants and flowers are seated in vases and mounted on the frame.

  • Monoclumba - is a good find for lovers of beautiful views. An unusual form of the future flower garden is selected. Suitable for planting large bright flowers. For example, peonies, asters, garden roses, poppies.

  • Raised multi-tiered flowerbed - implies a solution to effective action. Tasteful, really, will impress. Several levels are selected for placement of small flower beds. Used brick, wood. Annual plants are planted in the flower garden. Recommended frequent watering flowers.

  • Irregular - plants that bloom all year round and are highly resistant to frost are recommended for planting. This design does not require certain clear edges and shapes.

  • Arabesque - with this form you can break a flower garden, similar to the shape of animals, birds, sea creatures. Requires constant care.

  • Regular flower bed - needs more attention than the previous ones. Patterns are created mostly geometric. Plants must bloom at the same time. Flower bed is located according to the rules of symmetry. Best of all at registration of a bed the natural stone looks.

  • Carpet flowerbed - the meaning lies in laying flowers in patterns in complex weaves. It turns out a kind of colorful oriental flowered carpet.

Making a beautiful cushion with your own hands

Flowers for the future flower beds must be combined. Excessive diversity is not needed.

  • If for the first time you are going to form a flower garden on a plot, then pick up a round or oval, triangular or square shape. Flower bed must be the correct size. Measure it with a coil centimeter. Climb higher and inspect the failed sides. Trim the flower bed.
  • The next step will be the removal of sod and weeds. It is not simple. They grow too much into the ground. Then dig the soil to oxygenate it. This is important for future plants. At this stage both mineral complexes and useful fertilizers are laid. Then now water the soil. Do not pour in too much water, otherwise the roots of the flowers will rot. Plant flowers with seeds or seedlings.

How to make a flower bed?

You can make a bed of the building block, tires, old kitchen utensils. The main thing - to combine harmonious ensemble. Most suitable plants with summer flowering. Here are some of them:

  • Eschsoltsiya blooms in June-September
  • Phlox - flowering occurs in July-August
  • Zinnia and Fragrant Tobacco - June-September
  • Forget-Me-April-May
  • Digitalis - July-August
  • Lobelia - June-September
  • Periwinkle - May-June

Remember to choose the right color ratio in terms of caring for them. Light like marigold, petunia, delphinium, phlox, peonies, gladioli, dahlias. Shadowy animals include fern, comfrey, tiarell, and periwinkle. Astilbe, peonies, rudbeckia, forget-me-nots need regular watering. Normally tolerant aridity plants - kosmeya, snapdragon, allisum, bindweed, nasturtium, saxifrage, vervain.

In flower beds emit 3 colors to use. Red, yellow and blue. White is considered an admixed color. As color, for dilution. Yellow - dominant and aggressive, can block other color spots on the flowerbed. Harmonize between a two-tone combination. Blue and white is very refreshing. Valid pink - white and green - yellow. The center should be the main color spot. Countdown comes from the main flower. You can plant plants with seeds, but they can not go up. Preferred seedlings. It should be planted in a spiral or clockwise. Add green perennial plants to the still blooming composition to cover uncovered soil areas.

Flowerbed at the cottage

How to make a flower bed?

The summer cottage is not only a place for growing useful natural berries, fruits and vegetables, but also a space for rest and good time. For giving suitable bed of irregular and regular type or monochromatic flower garden. For the latter, a whole range of flowers of one species is planted It is best for beginners to start with such a flower bed. To create will need to determine the elevation. Flower bed should stand out against the general background. Fence the flower garden with glass bottles or plastic tubes. Complete it with stones, gravel, seashells. Plant a pair of garden gnome or hare figurines. You can make lanterns - at night it will be beautiful and not scary to walk. It is worth trying to create a rose garden. This design is made so that the winding roses intertwine with each other. 1 row is planted with low shrubs, 2 - at an average height, 3 consists of climbing roses. The average is 80 cm in height, 40 cm undersized. Climbing roses expand strongly and need to be tied up and maintained.

There are not only flowerbeds on earth. There are floating and hanging flower beds. For the first type of flower beds you can plant water-loving plants. For example, lotus or water lily. Hanging baskets are required. Just do not use them on the soil, otherwise the bottom will quickly deteriorate. If you are going to make beds of tires, then paint them in different bright colors. Due to this, the flower garden will change. You can also make them a multi-tiered design.

Flowers - one of the most beautiful gifts of nature. They soothe and give inspiration. That is why many gardeners decorate their plots with intricate flowerbeds and rose gardens. Types of flower beds are completely dependent on your imagination. The main thing is to combine the necessary plants that require similar care, to think out the composition and color orientation of the flower bed.

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