Beadwork weaving patterns

Recently, women are increasingly making a choice in favor of beautiful jewelry. Original look bead necklaces made of beads. Making such a decoration, you can complement them with any outfit, wear a walk, party or work.

Beaded necklace "Coral": weaving scheme

For work you need beads and wire. The amount of materials should be determined on the basis of what length and width you want to make a necklace. In case you are in doubt, take both of them with a margin. From the remnants you can make beautiful earrings!

Beaded necklace

The scheme clearly shows how to weave such a necklace.

  • To begin with, you should put 15 beads on the wire, and then pass the same wire through them again, only in the opposite direction. Thread the wire through 4-5 beads from the edge, branch off.
  • In the second diagram you can see how to make a branch on a branch that you have already completed. If you put on 4-5 beads, and then return the wire back, you will get the usual twigs, as in the first picture, in the second pattern. And you can make and loops. You can connect to the process of fantasy, and select the end of the branches with beads of a contrasting color, larger size. You can use beads, and even glass beads!

Beaded necklaceBeaded necklace

  • Carefully ensure that in the course of work you have no gaps between the base and the branch. Do not pull the wire too tightly, but carefully stack the rows so that they immediately become level.
  • This is the miracle you will have if you decide to weave such a necklace.
  • In the event that you still have the beads, you can follow the pattern from scheme 2 weave beautiful earrings. And then you get a beautiful set that you can safely wear for any occasion.

Beaded necklace for beginners: weaving scheme

If you are just starting to try working with beads, then you definitely should pay attention to this necklace. Time to make it will take quite a bit, but you will have a beautiful original thing.

Beaded necklace for beginners: weaving scheme

For work, you will need a fishing line of about 180 cm (do not forget to leave a small piece for processing, and for the fastener). Also, you will need beads in the form of crystals, beads and teardrop-shaped beads.

We fold the line in half, put on the future necklace attachment, and continue to work with the two ends of the line at the same time. In the diagram, they are marked with different colors, so you can easily orient yourself and not get confused.

We put on two beads, then a crystal, then three beads, and in this third bead we pass the left end of the fishing line. Next, continue to weave strictly according to the scheme. Everything is clearly visible and understandable on it.

Beaded necklace for beginners: weaving scheme

When you complete the work, you will have such a beautiful necklace!

Such a necklace can be made as a gift!

Beaded necklace "Lace": scheme

For work, you will need pearl beads with a diameter of 6 mm, faceted beads or crystals with a diameter of 4 mm, beads No. 10 and No. 11. Also, you will need a fishing line or monofilament and a needle.

  • On the working thread we string 12 beads No. 10, then 2 beads No. 11, a pearl bead, and again, 2 beads No. 11. We cross the threads and draw them through 4 large beads and a pearl. The first element is ready, go to its decoration. To do this, we start a thread in the fourth bead of a smaller size, put a faceted bead on the thread, then send the thread to the third bead of the base and pull it through 4 beads.

Beaded necklace

  • The next element of the necklace is woven by analogy with the first, however, note that we do not decorate the second element. That is, we make jewelry through one element.
  • Everything is drawn on the diagram in great detail, so all the time working, refer to it, check if you are doing everything correctly.
  • Adjust the length of the necklace according to your standards. You can make the necklace long, and you can make it fit the neck. In the event that you still have material from which you wove a necklace, you can, according to the same scheme, weave a bracelet to the necklace.
  • In case of successful work, you will get such a beautiful necklace!

Necklace "Golden Autumn": weaving scheme

For work you will need 8 small beads and 7 large, nylon thread or fishing line, 30 g of beads. Beads should not be one shade. It can be yellow, golden, brown shades. In a word, those shades of autumn that you like more.


At the top of the diagram shows the principle of weaving small leaves for a necklace. There should be 10 of them. Below you can see how to weave big leaves. They should also weave 10 pieces. The figure located in the upper right corner of the diagram shows how to connect the leaves together. Combining them in this way, you get the leaves - boats.

In the picture, located in the lower right corner, you will see how you can weave a cord for a necklace. Do not forget, its length should be sufficient so that you can make a knot!

Decorate the necklace with beads.

If you did everything right, you should have such a magnificent necklace!

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Surely you want to not only weave the necklace, but also be sure to complement it with beautiful earrings. Learning to weave bisexual earrings. Having mastered this skill, you can create any jewelry. Creative inspiration to you!

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