Beaded orchid

Beadwork - very interesting and exciting experience. You can make anything from beads - earrings, jewelry box, bracelet, brooch and flower. For example, an orchid.

To make an orchid from beads you need a lot of patience and desire, but for many years it will delight you with its beauty.

Bead Orchid: Master Class

Materials for making orchids from beads

  1. Beads of four colors: white, brown, green and lime;
  2. Bugle green;
  3. Wire of different thickness;
  4. Large white beads;
  5. Floristic tape (for a flower stalk);
  6. Pliers;
  7. Nippers;
  8. Small flower pot;
  9. Gypsum.

Instructions for making bead orchids

  • The manufacture of the central leaf is carried out using the French weaving method Take light green beads and put on 18 beads on the base of the pre-twisted wire.
  • On the other side you need to plant beads to the end of the wire.
  • Draw a wire with beads along the base and fasten it where the beads end. You should have a semicircle.
  • Now stretch the wire with the bead set back and fix it again.
  • Repeat the previous directions several times. If you did everything correctly, you will get 6 arcs - 3 from each base. For one flower you need one petal.
  • Further, it is necessary to weave a petal on the same principle, at the base of which there will be 18 beads. Only in this petal will be present white beads (alternating one white and 7 light green beads). Weave the second petal so that it is as if it were a mirror reflection of another petal.

Instructions for making bead orchids

  • Now you need to weave a petal in the same way, at the base of which there will be 14 beads. Alternate light green and white beads. Make 6 arcs. You will need three such petals for one orchid flower.
  • Take a wire about 60 cm long and put 5 lime and 15 white beads on its base. At the other end of the wire - 6 green beads and a few white. The method of weaving is the same as in the previous petals.
  • Take a 70 cm long wire and put on 6 brown beads on its base, as well as mixed white and green beads. In total, there should be 18 beads. Weave 4 arcs, and 5 arc must be fixed to the adjacent arc. Attach the sixth arc to its base. You should have a petal. For an orchid, only one such petal is needed.

Beaded Orchid

  • The next stage of weaving is leaves, for which you will need dark green beads. String 50 beads on the base of the wire. The weaving technique is the same as that of the first petal, but only 6 arcs are needed. Make 5 such leaves.
  • Now came the turn of the white beads. Take one at a time and string them on a wire. You will need four beads.

So, you have finished to weave an orchid, and it turned out this:

  1. One lime petal.
  2. Two mirror petals.
  3. Three white and green petals.
  4. One white and green petal with brown beads.
  5. Four pearl beads.
  6. Two petals white above and green below.

Build Orchid Bead

  • Bunch white beads and wrap them with a thread or floral ribbon.
  • Take the light green petal and wind it to the flower.
  • Then wind the three white-green petals to the flower.
  • Wind two petals on top of white, bottom green.
  • You made one flower. In the same way, make other flowers.

Build Orchid Bead

  • Take one orchid flower and tie a wire to it.
  • Coil the second flower by adding another wire.
  • Wind up all the flowers one by one, and wind down 5 dark green leaves to the very bottom.

Plant bead orchid

You made an orchid, now you have to plant it. Dissolve the gypsum with PVA, bringing thick sour cream to the consistency. Pour the resulting texture into a beautiful flower pot. Plant an orchid and let it harden.

Now the bead orchid is exactly ready. Of course, it is not so easy to make it, but, at the exit, you will receive a wonderful decoration for your home. In addition, you can give a bead orchid to someone, because the best gift is a gift made with your own hands!

- Misnik Svetlana

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