Bathroom - do it yourself

It is very difficult to maintain perfect order in the bathroom. Many flakonchik, jars, vials, by definition, can not stand sedately in one place. And if you still remember about sponges, washcloths, towels ... But what if you want order and predictability? Create "beautiful convenience."

Cabinets and shelves

If the size of the bathroom allows, you can install wall cabinets with opening doors. To save space, it is better to use sliding doors. Cabinets can hold stacks of dry towels and bathing accessories. It should be remembered that the bath is a place with high humidity. Therefore, laundry during prolonged storage may be damp. To prevent this, check the quality of the ventilation of the room, each time after bathing, wipe the surface of the walls and baths dry, often change the towels inside the cabinets.

Bathroom - do it yourselfBathroom - do it yourself

A small cabinet with a mirrored door can be hung above the sink. But usually such constructions take up too much space, so in a standard or small room they simply hang up a mirror, supplemented with shelves at the bottom or side.

The decorative design of the shelves will allow you to create your own bathroom interior. Examine decoupage, decoration with scallops, use rich paints to cover surfaces. Even a small space can be decorated stylishly.

Hooks and hangers

Special bathroom design give original hooks. They can be made in the form of boats, dolphins, colorful fish, seashells. They are very convenient to hang towels, so that the fabric dries out more quickly. In addition, hooks can be placed removed clothes, a clean robe, decorative ornament.

Can use special bags of oilcloth material. As a rule, they are pleased with large pockets for sorting and compact placement of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and other cosmetics. It is very convenient to divide cosmetics by type (for men, women, children) or purpose (shampooing, body, deep cleansing, masks, lotions). Then, when bathing, even with closed eyes, you can find the bottle you need.

Baskets and bulk containers

With your own hands you can create wire basket for storing wet sponges that need to dry before the next swim. Instead of a wire, you can use a vine. Although it has a shorter lifetime, many people will like its natural warmth.

Bathroom - do it yourselfBathroom - do it yourself

In large baskets, buckets and basins, you can fold dirty laundry. It should be remembered that prolonged storage of contaminated tissues reduces the likelihood of complete washing of the stains. It is better to start washing small batches of laundry than to store mountains of clothing.

When a comfortable place is created for each thing, you don’t feel like throwing it anywhere. It is worth paying a little attention to the bathroom, how it will change and become a paradise for cleansing the body and soul.

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