Bamboo room

Houseplants are becoming more and more popular - people from exotic countries. Breeders improve them to such an extent that it becomes quite comfortable in our apartments and houses.

If you want to bring something unusual, oriental and creative into your interior, then bamboo is a plant just for you.. Only you need to choose a special type of this plant - bamboo room. Home bamboo is nothing but a certain type of Dratzen - Drazenza Sander. This is a very unpretentious plant. Planting indoor bamboo can be either in the ground or in ordinary water.

Indoor bamboo is sold in many flower shops. If you can not find it, order. To do this, contact your florist seller.

Bamboo room care

The stalks of indoor bamboo are very often added to flower bouquets and compositions for their decoration. Particularly pleasant will be bamboo for lovers of Feng Shui. After all, the owner of such a plant becomes more successful and happy. Feng shui indoor bamboo is a symbol of well-being.. It is called the bamboo of happiness or luck bamboo.

But in order for this element of Feng Shui to take effect, it is necessary to put it in the right place - the southeast part of the house or, in extreme cases, the room.

The appearance of indoor bamboo

Indoor bamboo is an evergreen plant. It is a stem of green or golden straw color. Stems are bare or leafy. At the top of the stem leaves are located. They are saturated green (brightness depends on the degree of illumination), have a lanceolate shape.

Blossom indoor bamboo at home infrequently. It can be individual flowers or flowers that are collected in inflorescences - panicles.

Location in the house of indoor bamboo

At home, indoor bamboo usually lives for a very long time, but under proper maintenance conditions (light, proper location, air humidity, etc.).

Small copies are best placed in the house on the windowsill, since in the depth of the apartment they may not have enough light. And with a lack of light, plants (especially old ones) lose their lower leaves, which is detrimental to external beauty.

Bamboo Room: Breeding

Windows are best suited from the east and west sides of the house. But still the plant from the window should be separated with light curtains of tulle - this is an excellent protection from exposure to direct ultraviolet rays.

Remember that in order for the bamboo of happiness and good luck to help you realize your plans, place it in the right place for feng shui: in the south-eastern part of the room. But if there is not enough light for him, then it is better not to put him there. Poor development of bamboo will not bring the owner anything but problems.

Large copies of indoor bamboo can be planted in buckets or tubs and put also at the window, so that they have enough sunshine.

Care for indoor bamboo

Growing bamboo at home is easy; all that is important is knowing its environmental requirements.

  • Bamboo is a very light-loving plant. In the summer, periodically take it out to fresh air, but protect it from wind and drafts.
  • By the temperature of the bamboo room is quite stable.
  • Sensitive bamboo, in addition to lighting, also to watering. In summer, watering should be abundant, in winter - moderate.
  • Maintain and a good level of moisture for the plant, it will only benefit him.
  • For planting and growing indoor bamboo, you must use spacious pots. Do not forget about dressings. Buy a special fertilizer for the Dracena family in the flower shop.

Bamboo room: home care

So, content factors for indoor bamboo following:

  1. Lighting It requires a fairly plentiful. Bright places will do, but protect the plant from direct sunlight.
  2. Temperature should be moderate, in winter should not fall below 13 ° C.
  3. Air humidityincreased. It is necessary to regularly spray the leaves with water at room temperature.
  4. Watering profusely moderate. The soil should be wet, but avoid waterlogging. In winter, watering should be limited.

Propagation of indoor bamboo

Breeding bamboo stem cuttings, offspring and apical shoots, sometimes seeds. Seed breeding in indoor conditions is almost impossible, therefore the only breeding method available for growers in indoor bamboo is grafting. To cut the plant is better in spring, when spring new, young shoots appear. Reproduction is made during transplantation.

Choose a well-fertilized land for planting cuttings, it is better to buy a special one (for the Dracena family). A pot even for small propagated plants is needed spacious, since bamboo grows quickly both in the field of visible vision (stems) and in the field of invisible (roots).

Replace the bamboo room in the spring of once every two years.. During the growing season from April to August, indoor bamboo should be fed every two weeks. You can use for this complex fertilizer for indoor plants, which are sold in flower shops. Very beneficial effect on the plant loosening the soil, so increases the access of air to the roots.

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Attention to indoor bamboo, maintaining all the necessary conditions for it (heat, good lighting, etc.) will lead to its enhanced growth, and your house will be turned into a mysterious place with an exotic and unusual plant for our latitudes.

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