Bamboo pillows

Now it is becoming fashionable to purchase pillows made from bamboo. Manufacturers and sellers in one voice say that they are comfortable and good. But despite the positive descriptions, the best evidence of the good quality of bamboo pillows are reviews of people who have already tried these products and were able to appreciate all the qualities that the manufacturer promised.

Bamboo pillows: positive reviews

  • Elina, Moscow: "I watch my psychological health very carefully, so I decided to buy a bamboo pillow, because I was told that it restores the energy of mind and body. I can say that I feel excellent after sleep."
  • Oleg, Irkutsk: "I read that bamboo pillows help relieve fatigue, absorb moisture and decided to try. Indeed, after sleeping on such a pillow I get up rested. I liked, I did not regret the money I spent. A bamboo pillow costs them."

  • Victoria, 40, Moscow: “I bought a bamboo pillow for my daughter. She likes it very much. The pillow is very good, comfortable and elastic. Pillowcase made of pure cotton, no feathers and synthetics.
  • Marina, Peter: “I have been suffering from allergies for a long time. I tortured a cold. My doctor advised me to buy a bamboo pillow. I didn’t notice anything special but elasticity, but the rhinitis began to pass a little. Two weeks passed and the allergic cold didn’t bother me more. I don’t know , it is connected with a bamboo pillow or not, but I am pleased, so I will continue to use it. "
  • Olga, Kemerovo: "The pillow is very satisfied, keeps its shape well, does not roll into lumps, which is what ordinary feather or sintepon pillows do."
  • Sergey, Tolyatti: “My wife bought 2 pillows from bamboo. At first it was somehow inconvenient, but after a week they got a little cuddled, now it's very good.”
  • Catherine, Kiev: "We bought bamboo pillows. Were satisfied. Light, gentle, soft."
  • Victoria, Tula: "I have been sleeping on a bamboo pillow for 2 months. I am very comfortable, the pillows are airy and soft, I don’t even want to get out of bed. The skin does not sweat. Yes, and the quality has pleased me, it's just great. I never regretted about this purchase."
  • Inna, Lvov: “I bought bamboo pillows 2 years ago. I like them. They are very elastic and soft, I don’t like too hard and very flat. They are well washed in an ordinary car.”

  • Alexandra, Moscow: "I bought 3 pillows. I tried different ones, but I liked the bamboo ones most of all. They perfectly keep their shape, they are natural. And it is very good to sleep on them."
  • Valentina, Nizhny Novgorod: "I was advised to buy a bamboo pillow by a familiar doctor for my son, because he was suffering from a cold. Indeed, after 2 months, a cold was gone. After that, I buy my son, only bamboo pillows."
  • Alyona, St. Petersburg: "I bought a bamboo pillow for my husband. He is now getting better sleep and does not sweat so much at night."
  • Elena, Tver: "And we have children sleep on these pillows. Pillows quickly restore shape and spring. Children like it."

Bamboo pillows: negative reviews

  • Natalya, Moscow: “We were given these pillows. I liked it very much, but my husband did not approve and gave it to my son. The fact is that when she is new, she is very springy and the neck starts to hurt a lot. But I’m already used to it and I am happy already half a year. The husband never used it. "
  • Svetlana, Moscow: “My mom gave my husband a bamboo pillow. He likes it, but for me it is too big. I hope that it will come with time, and if not, I will stay with my feather.”

  • Elena, Novgorod: "And we bought pillows with bamboo filler. After 3 months they lost their shape and became formless. They bought near the house, the sellers praised the company, but now you can only throw them out."
  • Katerina, Vladivostok: "I, too, as soon as I bought the pillows, I was pleased. They keep the form, they don’t stick out of the thread. And after 4 months, I lost one form, while the second keeps it. I don’t know what will happen next."
  • Alisa, Omsk: "I bought a bamboo pillow before I noticed anything, but now I don’t know if it can be washed now."
  • Nika, Krasnodar: “I liked the bamboo cushions, but in terms of quality, they were not very good. They very quickly lose their elasticity and have to buy new ones.
  • Svetlana, Ivanovo: "We bought bamboo pillows. It is very uncomfortable to sleep on them, you sleep as if on a padding polyester."

Bamboo pillows: reviews about firms

  • Peter, Volgograd: “I ordered a bamboo pillow for my wife. She wanted to buy it for a long time. I chose a pillow filled with bamboo and not just a quilted bamboo cover. The Internet company promised that it would be very convenient and would not harm sensitive skin. Yesterday asked about the impressions, the wife delighted. "
  • Alyona, Moscow: "I read in an advertisement of one company on the Internet that bamboo pillows allow skin to breathe and help to cope with allergy attacks. I decided to buy it and did not regret it."

  • Svetlana, Yekaterinburg: “And I bought a branded bamboo pillow, because it is made of environmentally friendly material. I’ll remove a little the negative impact of industry, which is so much in our city. I had to get used to it a little, it’s too elastic, and I’m not used to it. what is needed. "
  • Irina, Nikolaev: “I found a company on the Internet. I ordered myself a pillow because I promised that I would absorb moisture and dust well. I do not always believe enthusiastic reviews and promises, but here I was convinced that I was not deceiving. I started to get enough sleep, so I would recommend to everyone ".
  • Nikolai, Novosibirsk: “I liked the bamboo pillow, because there were no unpleasant odors and very good care for it. Wash, no lumps, the shape is excellent. For half a year I haven’t been complaining. I found a company through the Internet.”

Bamboo fiber, which is used for the manufacture of pillows is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly. According to research, bamboo has deodorizing and antibacterial properties. At the same time pillows are durable, suitable for people suffering from allergies. Many reviews confirm this.

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