Bamboo lucky spiral

Bamboo is a special kind of grass that grows in tropical countries. Due to its simplicity, an exotic plant can be grown at home. Most often people are interested in the so-called happiness bamboo or bamboo varnishes. It is believed that he can bring good luck and positive energy to the house where he grows.

Bamboo lacquers spiral: care

  • Before the year bamboo can grow in a jar of water. It is recommended to add from time to time some mineral fertilizers. It is best after year to transplant the plant in a pot with the ground. Continue to fertilize regularly and water the ornamental grass. Fertilizers are not recommended for use immediately after planting.

Bamboo lacquer spiral: how to care?

  • Soil and watering. The most suitable soil for a varnish spiral is sod, humus and peat. If you grow varnish spiral indoors, provide him regular watering. This will avoid drying out the soil. But this does not mean that you need to water it every day - it all depends on the individual characteristics of your plant. If the leaves curl, bamboo varnishes need more intensive watering. If the leaves sag and wither, it means that you have poured water. In hot weather, the plant requires particularly abundant watering. Bamboo leaves must be periodically cleaned from dust with a damp cloth.
  • Lighting and humidity. In order for the plant to become accustomed to home conditions, it is recommended to put it in a sufficiently lit place, but not under direct sunlight. Because bamboo is used to growing in places of high humidity, you have to maintain its familiar atmosphere in an apartment. To achieve this, you can spray water or use a humidifier.
  • It is recommended to place a tray filled with fine gravel under the container where you grow bamboo varnish spiral. Water should be poured into the pan so that it does not exceed the drainage level.
  • Air and temperature conditions. Sometimes the lacquer spiral needs to be carried out to the open air. It is also necessary to regularly ventilate the room so that the plant does not weaken from the lack of oxygen. The temperature regime in which the varnishes are comfortable is quite extensive - from 18 to 35 degrees.
  • The most important thing for bamboo is heat, humidity and a lot of air. Otherwise, the plant is quite unpretentious and convenient for growing in an apartment. It does not require much time to care.

Bamboo lacquers spiral: transplanting and fertilizer

Transplantation is recommended in April or May. It is during these months that bamboo tolerates this process well. Drainage of about 2 cm in height is a must. A transplant needs a special substrate for dracaena, which is sold in stores for gardeners.

Since the bamboo lacquer spiral loves water, before transplanting it is necessary to wet the ground abundantly. 3 weeks after moving to the pot, be sure to feed the plant with mineral fertilizers diluted in water. As a feed you can use phosphorus or nitrogen. Some flower lovers fertilize bamboo of happiness with bird droppings or horse dung.

Bamboo Lucky Spiral: Seed Breeding

  1. The plant propagates not only cuttings, but also seeds. You will have to act in a certain sequence.
  2. First, the seeds are soaked in gauze and kept until germination at a humidity of 80 percent. Then they are planted in a box with soil consisting of 2 parts (for example, expanded clay and sand). Every day you have to spray seedlings from the spray. When the first shoots appear, you need to cover the plant with polyethylene. Thus, you will create a kind of greenhouse (a lot of moisture, heat and light - everything that loves lacquers).
  3. Mini-greenhouse must be ventilated 3 times a day. This will avoid rotting of young shoots. When the plant reaches a height of 15 cm, it is transplanted into a separate pot, observing all the conditions. You need to choose the strongest seedlings.

Bamboo lacquer spiral: how to care?

Bamboo varnishes seedlings: diseases and pests

If you notice yellow leaves on the plant, it begins to fall off, this indicates the appearance of a small midge. It can be found on the folds and stalks of bamboo on closer examination. To get rid of the midge you can with the help of a special tool, spraying it with bamboo varnishes. If you can not deal with the pest the first time, repeat the procedure.

If the temperature in the room is too high and too humid, the bamboo will begin to rot (the stem and leaves are covered with black spots). To prevent this from happening, do not place the plant near a heater or battery.

To care for bamboo varnish spiral is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. This makes it the perfect indoor plant. In addition, it is a wonderful decoration of the room and charges the house with positive energy of happiness!

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