Baby crawling mat

Every child, in addition to parental love and care, requires many more necessary things. It has its own furniture, stroller, clothing, cosmetics, personal care products, as well as a crawling mat for a child. What should it be, what to look for when buying and how to sew it with your own hands?

When bare feet crawling along the path ...

How to choose and sew a crawling mat child?

Crawling is an important part in the proper development of a child. This is a kind of starting point for the baby, after mastering which he will acquire walking skills. Of course, this period of each passes individually. Some kids begin to master the skill from the first weeks of life, while others immediately try to walk. However, pediatrician pediatricians claim that children who have passed this stage have better developed muscular and speech apparatus, fine hand motor skills and intelligence.

The main task of parents is to give their child the opportunity to learn how to crawl. For this baby you need to lay on the tummy and always on the floor. It is better to start doing this at the age of three months, when the bones and muscles of the newborn get stronger.

And in order to bring classes not only benefits, but also take place in comfort for the child, you need to lay a crawling mat on the floor. In the store you can purchase models of blankets that are suitable for a kid of any age. In addition, soft and warm rugs will be a reliable layer between the cold floor and bare feet. Having made such a purchase, you can not worry about the fact that your baby will get an acute respiratory infection or ARVI.

The Basics of Choosing the Right

How to choose a crawling mat for a child?

Children's rugs differ from each other in many ways: size, color, filler, price category and age restrictions. But as they say, demand creates supply. Based on the analysis of consumer needs, manufacturers offer us such models of crawling mats:

  • Children's mats puzzles for crawling. They consist of several parts fastened together. It is best to choose those who have large-sized membrane puzzles. They have fewer joints, which means it will be more convenient for the baby to crawl.
  • Massage orthopedic plaid. It consists of small filler particles. Such mats significantly reduce the risk of flat feet, scoliosis and other problems of the musculoskeletal system in a child.
  • Roll flooring. It is suitable only for very young consumers who are just trying to learn how to crawl. Over time, when the baby grows up, the size of such a rug is not enough.
  • Educational mats. They additionally contribute to the development of small motorboat of hands, logical thinking, ingenuity.

And mats, puzzles for children to crawl, and roll, massage, as well as developing coatings are made of anti-allergenic materials - wool or polypropylene. In addition, the colors are always bright and saturated, each part of the rug has a different surface to the touch, and this will undoubtedly interest the baby.

Why pay more?

However, there is a children's special coating and a significant disadvantage - the high cost. Agree that it is a pity to give a few thousand rubles for a thing that in six months will cease to like, and in a year it will gather dust on the farthest shelf. If finances do not sing romances yet, but the family budget is strictly limited, it is still not worthwhile for the child to refuse pleasure. Try to sew for your child a crawling mat with your own hands on our master class.

Do it yourself!

Necessary materials:

  • the main fabric of three colors;
  • edging material;
  • lining fabric;
  • batting;
  • pieces of fabric for decoration;
  • scissors;
  • pins;
  • lightning;
  • foil.

Process description:

  1. First you need to draw on tracing paper and cut the main pattern with decorative elements: a triangle, a semicircle, a leaf and a tree trunk.Draw on tracing paper and cut the main pattern with decorative elements.
  2. Then, using these blanks, we create a sketch on the fabric and cut the required number of parts: 12 triangles (4 each in color), 1 tree trunk, 17 leaves, 12 halves of a circle of one color.

    Create a sketch on the fabric and cut the required number of parts:
  3. Now for plausibility you need to create a wavy effect on the leaves. To do this, take a pack of chips, wash and dry it.
  4. With the help of a ready-made fabric pattern of a leaf, we cut out the same sketch from foil.
  5. We grease one of the halves with glue and tightly connect both parts together.Cut the foil sketch
  6. Go to the stitching of the main parts. First, sew each semicircle to the base of the triangle and iron the seam with an iron.
  7. Then, departing from the edge of 1-1.5 centimeters, sew together three ready-made triangles with a cap.
  8. On this template, cut out three identical parts from the fabric-lining.We sew details together
  9. Sew each part of the lining, do not forget to iron the joints and sew in the center of a small hidden zipper.Sew each piece of lining
  10. Now it's time to add some batting for softness. Flatten the wadding on a flat surface, and on it put a stitched base for the rug and carefully cut the unnecessary part.
  11. Sew a connecting line between the base of the triangle and the semicircle.Stitch the connecting line between the base of the triangle and the semicircle
  12. Place the top of the rug over the wadding and fit the lining precisely along the contour.Fit the liner to the exact contour.
  13. Then inside the rug, you can add a little padding polyester.
  14. And of course, do not forget to randomly make a few lines in order to securely fix the synthetic winterizer and other layers among themselves.Make a few lines to securely fix the padding polyester and other layers among themselves.
  15. Now it remains only to attach a tree to the center of the children's carpet.Attach a tree to the center of the baby carpet
  16. Add some foliage, too, with a filler of cotton or synthetic winterizer.Add some foliage, too, filled with cotton or padding
  17. Wonderful developing baby cover for games, crawling and other activities is ready for use.

Lying on the bare floor is not particularly pleasant, even for an adult, but for a baby who is just learning to crawl, a cold coat can bring health problems. To protect your child from viruses and infections, as well as to help him quickly master the transitional phase, purchase a special crawling mat. Such a thing can be bought at any store, and if there is no money, it is easy to sew it yourself.

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