Asparagus pharmacy

Just want to make a reservation that the "Korean asparagus", "Soy asparagus" or just "asparagus", which we used to see on the shelves of grocery stores, has no relation to asparagus pharmacy or asparagus. What is sold in stores is known as Fuzhu. This is a product of soy milk processing.

Pharmacy asparagus, or asparagus, has long been used as a food plant and as a medicinal. Edible asparagus are very young shoots, just appeared out of the ground. But they are eaten most often in Western European countries, where it is as common as potatoes.

For medicinal purposes, apply the rhizomes of the plant, along with the roots, fruits, and shoots. The rhizomes and roots of asparagus contain saponin and asparagine, the shoots contain carotene, asparagine, and vitamins B and C, the fruits contain sugar and fatty oil.

Asparagus has analgesic, laxative, diuretic, blood-purifying, anti-inflammatory and sedative effect.

Asparagus preparations have a vasodilating effect. Since ancient times, asparagus has been used in the dietary diet of diabetics.

Description of asparagus pharmacy

Asparagus is a herbaceous perennial plant. It reaches a height of 150 cm. In natural conditions, it grows on floodplain meadows, on grassy slopes and among shrubs. In Russia, it is found in the middle lane and in Western Siberia. Leaves are styloid, scaly, spirally arranged, collected in bunches. Flowers inconspicuous, greenish-yellow or whitish, on long pedicels. Asparagus blooms from early summer to autumn. Fruits are bright red in color, ripen in August.

Growing asparagus, or asparagus

For the best growth of asparagus should choose an open, sunny location. Required plant and soil moisture. It should not be poured (rainy summer can ruin asparagus). The land should be well-fertilized, fertile. Before planting asparagus, it should be deeply well loosened.

Propagated by asparagus seeds. Seeds are planted in the spring in the grooves in the sowing rows or in the fall. Seedlings then transplanted to a permanent place a year later.

Pests and diseases of asparagus pharmacy

Many types of asparagus are affected by rust. This disease is quite widespread. It is discovered early. Already in May, white small elongated cups can be seen on the branches and stems. In early June, they become brown, increasing in size. They are disputes that infect more and more new plants. If you do not destroy the infected plant and leave to winter, then next summer, it will again be a breeding ground for the disease. Such is the property of the pests of the fungal nature that they have been progressing for several years.

To cope with this scourge, in the second half of May, plants are sprayed with one of the following drugs: Bordeaux liquid, karatan, Vectra, foundation, topaz, fast, alto, acrobat and some others. In the autumn, it is necessary to check and destroy the stems and leaves of infected plants.

In addition to rust, asparagus is affected and root rot. To prevent this, one should alternate cultures. You also need to take care that the earth was loose, nutritious, mixed with sand. Replant the plants every spring. Ground, where the individuals infected with rotten roots grew, disinfect with formalin. Remember that all infected plants must be destroyed. The most effective in this case is burning.

Asparagus is used for gardening gardens, for single or group plantings, as well as to create small low hedges. Asparagus is also used in making bouquets of cut flowers as greenery.

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