As a pencil or felt-tip pen to draw a hare

What child is not taken to draw the favorite characters of fairy tales or cartoons? A furry resident of the forest, who in the winter changes the color of his coat, is one of the most popular characters. That is why it will be interesting for both children and adults to learn how to draw a hare step by step easily and quickly.

Good old friend

Good old friend hare

Little kids love when they read out loud. Over time, they begin to ask them to draw their "own" bunny or chanterelle. However, not all parents have the ability to fine art. Therefore, it makes sense to master the most elementary techniques of drawing representatives of the animal world, participating in various plots. And in this case, without the omnipresent good, cowardly, resourceful hare as a character figure just can not do! Moreover, with time you will be able to show and explain to your karapuz how to draw a hare in stages with a pencil or felt-tip pens. For some children, this may be the starting point of a new, exciting hobby.

2 funny hares

According to psychologists, children from an early age should hear the correct and complete names of the objects of the surrounding world. But with the images of this very world, the situation is different. If you are going to draw animals together with your child, then it is better to let them be funny and funny cartoon characters. In this case, the baby will not be afraid of some representatives of the fauna. For beginners, there are several schemes that describe how to draw a fairytale hare in stages in pencil.

Scheme №1


1. Pencil draw a sketch of the contours of the bunny. To do this, we draw two ovals - the head and the body, we denote the ears on the head.

We draw torso, head and ears to hare

2. Now we give these geometric shapes the natural shape of the body parts.

3. Finish the tail and foot ball. We shape the forelimbs with elbows bent and the hind limbs in the knees.

We finish the tail and foot ball

4. On the face paint the eyes, nose, mouth and teeth.

Draw eyes, nose, mouth and teeth on face

5. Add a picture of the ears and draw the fingers on the paws.

Add a picture of the ears and draw the fingers on the paws

6. Direct the contours. Pencil drawing is ready.

Pencil drawing ready

Scheme №2


Scheme №2

1. Draw a horizontal oval.

2. Draw a semicircle to it so that the fungus is obtained.

3. In the upper figure we denote the circle of the face and the eyes.

4. Draw the columns of the front and hind legs.

5. Detailing eyes, draw a nose.

6. Add ears.

7. Draw the fingers on the paws, the inner side of the ear, eyebrows, mustache and mouth. The hare is ready.

Hare on 9 squares

If your baby is seriously interested in the animal world, then he will surely be delighted with the drawing of a "real" hare.

Figure & quot; Real Bunny & quot;


1. The working area of ​​the sheet is divided into 9 squares.

2. We have 3 circles on them - for the head and for the body. The oval-head passes along the lower border of the upper square, one of the figures of the body - at the intersection of 4.5 and 7.8, and the second figure for the body should be at the junction of the squares 5.6 and 8.9.

We draw a hare-step 2

3. On the head we denote the ears and the muzzle.

4. Circling the body, draw the legs with fingers and tail.

We outrun the body, draw the legs with fingers and tail

5. Draw the details of the muzzle - mouth, nose, eyes.

Draw the details of the faces - mouth, nose, eyes

6. Add the fur. The animal is ready.

"Well, Hare, wait!"

One of the most prominent oblique is considered the hero of the cartoon "Well, wait!" How not to learn to portray this on your own? Moreover, the explanation of how to draw a hare from this animated series is understandable even to a child.

Hare from the cartoon & quot; Well, wait a minute! & Quot;


1. Draw an oval for the head, a rectangle with a beveled upper side for the body, lines for arms and legs.

2. We start with the head. Draw the hair on the cheeks, add ears.

We draw the head of a hare

3. Getting down to the face. On the half of the face draw eyes, detailing the pupils and eyelids with eyelashes.

4. Add a nose, a smiling mouth with two teeth in the center and dimples on the cheeks.

Add a nose, a smiling mouth with two teeth in the center and dimples on the cheeks

5. Draw eyebrows and mustaches.

6. Draw clothes. We finish the t-shirt and shorts.

7. The protruding parts of the arms and legs are enlarged and detailed toes and feet.

Drew paws

8. Colorize the picture. The most famous animated hare ready.

Painted hare

Step-by-step instructions that suggest how to draw a hare for children will help to understand all the intricacies of the image of your favorite hero. You can draw such a character in a pencil and leave it in black and white without coloring. But if your child loves color pictures, then nothing will prevent you from creating a whole coloring from amusing rabbit.

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