Artichoke is a real culinary delicacy with a pleasant taste. This product is simply indispensable for human health, because it includes a large number of valuable substances. It is useful to use any part of the artichokes - and the leaves, and baskets, and stalks. This vegetable can be stewed, pickled, used to bake bread, soar, serve as a separate dish, and add to various sauces.

Artichokes: good and harm for the body

Artichokes: the benefits and harm to the body

Seeing on the shelves of artichokes, that not everyone knows this, so they refuse to buy a product that is invaluable to the body. This is a natural and effective remedy that helps improve the metabolic process, while there is an intensive restoration of liver cells.

The composition of this product includes cinarin, which prevents the development of atherosclerosis. Regularly eating artichokes for several weeks, it can be noticed that the amount of harmful cholesterol has significantly decreased, there is a general improvement in the state of the body. At the same time, this substance is among the effective and very strong natural antioxidants, which neutralize the negative effects of free radicals, therefore, does not start the premature aging of the body, does not form cancer cells. The likelihood of developing various cardiovascular diseases is minimized.

Artichokes can also be harmful, as they include polyphenol. This substance provokes more intensive production of bile. Therefore, you should very carefully use artichokes for people suffering from disorders in the functioning of the biliary tract or cholecystitis.

Artichokes: good

Harm artichokes directly depend on their size - for example, small and young can be consumed directly raw, and larger ones must necessarily be cooked. The fact is, over time, the fibers of the plant become very hard, so the stomach will be hard to digest them.

Artichokes are not recommended for people suffering from low blood pressure, as they contribute to its reduction.

Artichokes: growing from seed

Artichokes: growing from seed

Artichokes are very good for health, growing from seeds is easy to carry out yourself:

  1. Seeds are wrapped in gauze, slightly moistened and transferred to a plastic or glass container; after covering with a film, you need to wait until the sprouts begin to germinate.
  2. Capacity with seeds must be kept indoors at a temperature of 20-24˚С. The first shoots begin to appear in about a week.
  3. It is possible to sow seeds in wooden containers with soil mixed with humus and peat.
  4. Over the next few weeks you need to maintain the correct temperature - about 20 degrees.
  5. The grown seedlings transplanted into the ground, watered.


Photos of artichokes make it possible to understand what this healthy product looks like. They can be grown on their own or purchased at the store, the main thing is to properly prepare. Since artichokes can not only be useful, but also cause serious harm to the body, you should consult a doctor before using them.

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