Art of decoupage

Decoupage is the art of decorating home furnishings by sticking beautiful clippings from napkins, fabrics and other materials.

On the history of art of decoupage

This technique was known in the Middle Ages in China. It is possible that art existed before. His homeland is considered Eastern Siberia. Nomads used this technique to decorate graves. Art got its name only in the 17th century in France. At that time, decoupage was called artm the poor. They were expensive furniture items were not available, and they decorated the old furniture and other furnishings with their own hands. There were also already in the XVIII century masters of decoupage. The art of decoupage came to Russia relatively recently and is now widespread.

Art of decoupage

Decoupage is widely used for decoration of home decoration, and to create gifts. With this technique, you can arrange a lot: plates, vases, flower pots, cutting boards, glasses, teapot, stools, etc. Decoupage is able to give a new life to old items. He brings new interesting touches to the interior of each house, adding originality and sophistication to it.

The advantages of decoupage technique

The most important thing is probably that Anyone can master the art of decoupage. This does not require special talents. It takes only desire and patience to learn it. Now there are courses in this art, but if you want you can learn it yourself. Book stores sell special books, and there are video tutorials on the Internet.

Art of decoupageArt of decoupage

In addition, decoupage - for those who can't draw, because drawing is not necessary. And things can look like drawn. This technique uses special decoupage napkins and cards. They are stuck on various objects, and a feeling of artfully painted things is created.

A considerable advantage is that this art does not require special material costs, because many of the necessary items you will find at home. And what you have to buy will not greatly affect your budget.

Besides decorating your home exquisite, original interior items, you can make gifts. Presents, hand-made, from the heart, are valued more than purchased ones. Especially if they skillfully made, and look no worse, and even better than purchased.

Materials for decoupage

To begin the technique of decoupage, you will need:

  • select the item on which you will use this technique. These can be furniture, plates, ceramics, photo albums, photo frames, mirrors, books, diaries, etc.
  • choose pictures for decoupage. They can be cut from newspapers or magazines, books, napkins, postcards, photographs, and even from fabric or lace, or you can buy special napkins or cards for decoupage.

Art of decoupage

  • prepare the necessary tools. You will need scissors or a stationery knife for cutting pictures. Glue, you can take the usual (PVA) or buy a special glue for decoupage. To remove excess glue, stock up with old rags, sponges, or soft paper. To level the decoupage, you will need a special varnish (polyurethane, acrylic sprays, etc.).

DIY decoupage

When you have stocked all the necessary materials, you can proceed directly to the execution of the work.

  1. Wipe the item of your choice with a damp cloth. Get rid of dirt and dust. Before work the item must be dry and clean.
  2. Neatly cut drawing for decoupage from napkin, fabric or anything else.
  3. Mark the placement of the picture on your subject.
  4. Now it is necessary to glue the picture to the selected subject. To do this, grease and glue the picture and the place of its attachment on the subject.
  5. Smooth out with a cloth or paper napkin all formed folds.
  6. Remove excess glue.
  7. Wait,until the glue dries.
  8. Apply as anchorage and in the completion of work varnish. Varnish is usually applied in several layers. Each layer should dry well before it is followed by another.

Art of decoupage

The resulting product should look like a drawing. Ideally, the cut lines should not be visible. The thicker the cut out image, the more varnish layers must be applied to mask its cutting lines.

The art of decoupage became widespread thanks to its merits and simple technique of execution that does not require special talents. Be patient and attentive and proceed to decorate your home or create gifts! This article will help you decoupage for beginners.

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