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Aroma lamp with your own hands. how to use aroma lamp

Modern man is constantly under stress. This, as well as poor ecology affects the well-being and susceptibility to disease. Aromatherapy helps to correct the situation. Essential oils can be used in different ways. A very convenient method is the use of aroma lamps. Its plus lies in the fact that the lamp can be made with your own hands.

How to use the oil burner: tips

Aroma lamp with your own hands

Aromatherapy is one of the oldest relaxation methods known to mankind. Argued that special burners appeared many centuries ago. Now, as then, they use special oils. Esters, due to their volatility, allow to clean the air in the room and leave behind a pleasant aroma.

Oils are placed in special lamps. The most common is ceramic. Aroma lamps consist of 2 main parts - a bowl for oil and liquid, as well as an arch. Between them there should be at least 10 cm. Otherwise, the liquid in the bowl will boil too much. The rules of using the oil burner are extremely simple. If it is made of ceramics, then you need to additionally get a small candle-tablets. A small amount of water is poured into the bowl and quite a bit of essential oil is dripping. Then the candle is lit and put inside. It should be located under the bowl.

The most important thing in aromatherapy is to find the right balance of liquid and oil. It is also important to control the time of flavoring the room. Ventilate the room before using the lamp for the first time. Then the windows are closed - there should be no drafts in the room. Usually, from 2 to 6 tbsp. water. The number depends on the area of ​​the room. Usually 15 square meters. I need 2 tbsp. 3-4 drops of ether are added to the same area in the bowl.

For the first time, aromatherapy time should not exceed 20 minutes. Repeating the procedure regularly, it can be increased up to 2 hours. It is not recommended to exceed this time. The fact of the matter is that side reactions are possible with such a long procedure. At least you may have a headache.

It is worth using an aroma lamp in many cases. It will not only help create a romantic atmosphere. Also, essential oils help relieve tension and relax. For this you need to find the right smell for you. Also use the lamp during periods of epidemics of viral diseases or when someone is sick at home. Useful substances will evaporate under the influence of fire. As a result, they will be kept in the air of the room for some time, cleaning it from germs.

Aroma lamp with your own hands

And now let's take a closer look at which essential oils to choose for different cases:

  1. Eliminating unpleasant smells of spoiled food or tobacco - stop your choice on mint, lemon oils. You can also choose and rosemary ether.
  2. Diseases and their prevention - if there is a person who has the flu at home, you can treat the air with an aroma lamp with tea tree. Eucalyptus also works well. Remember that these oils are very concentrated. Therefore, they should be used with caution. More gentle, soft options - bergamot or mandarin.
  3. For relaxation, a delicious essential oil of ylang-ylang is suitable. Mood will lift the smell of orange or mandarin. To create a special atmosphere at home or on a romantic date, choose a rose and neroli.

Aroma lamp: photos and types

Aroma lamp with your own hands

Aroma lamp with your own hands

Aroma lamp with your own hands

Aroma lamps are not only ceramic. Modern technologies allow to make devices similar in action. So, on sale you can find electric aroma lamps. Essential oils in this case evaporate when heated from the network. More modern options - devices that work like usb-flash drives. These aroma lamps simply connect to your computer.

A fairly common device is thermal flavoring. It can be produced in the idea of ​​small boxes with electronic control and a container for esters or their mixture with water. Flavoring allows you to set the temperature and time of heating. Also with the help of the device, you can set a preset for the start of aromatherapy.

In the thermal flavoring "Oasis" is also present the function of scattering of oil particles. This is due to the built-in fan. In the electronic flavoring "Accord" 2 channels for oils are provided. This allows you to create a variety of aromatic compositions. The disadvantage of the above devices is their high cost.

DIY aroma lamp: master class

There are many ways to create aromatic lamps. Some of them are so simple that they will not take you much time. A great option - a lamp-lamp of oranges.

Aroma lamp with your own hands

You will need:

  1. Orange - 1 pc.
  2. Knife
  3. Essential oils
  4. Tablet Candle

Manufacturing instruction:

  • Take a large orange. Cut the fruit into 2 equal halves strictly in the middle. Use a knife or fingers to gently pull out all the flesh. Try not to leave a single piece inside.
  • In the upper part of the hemisphere draw a star with a pencil. Then cut it with a knife. The inner walls of the orange should be smeared with essential oil. Lamp lamp is almost ready. Next, light a candle. Then close it with a half orange. The star should be on top. Remember that the workpiece must be big enough. Otherwise, the flame of a candle could set it on fire.

Dr. option - aromalampa in the form of a can.

Aroma lamp with your own hands

You will need:

  1. Beautiful small jar
  2. Fir branches
  3. Small bumps
  4. Cinnamon Sticks, Clove Stars
  5. White candles
  6. Wick (or cord)
  7. Cap

Manufacturing instruction:

  • In the jar beautifully put all the aromatic components. If you do not have them, then you can use a mixture for mulled wine. Instead of spruce cones, put an orange peel. It can be beautifully cut in the shape of stars or crescents.
  • Take a thin candle and break it into small pieces. Then put them in the pan. Take more storage capacity. Pour water into a larger pot. Then put a container with a broken candle in it.
  • We put a large pot on medium heat. Heat to boiling, and then reduce it. Leave on the stove until the paraffin melts. Meanwhile, cut off a piece of the future wick. Along it should be about 2/3 of the height of the can.
  • We lower it into the container so that the small tip protrudes over its edge. At the same time, we pour hot paraffin into the jar. Let the mixture harden. We take the lid and make a hole in its center. We twist it with a lid, pulling the wick through the hole. Aromalampa Bank is ready! It remains only to set fire to the wick.

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An easier way to flavor a room is to create special sachets. Usually they are filled with soda, into which some ether is dripped. Sometimes dried lavender is filled into sasezas. Then the bag is placed in a beautiful case. From above it is decorated with lace or any other method. Often with the help of sachets they give an aroma of freshness to stale linen.

Do-it-yourself aromalampa is a great way to learn the basics of aromatherapy. Its use helps prevent depression, infectious and viral diseases. Also, the aroma lamp creates an amazingly cozy atmosphere at home. It can be made by paraffin waxing various odorous herbs and spices in a beautiful jar. Also aromalampy made from clay and tin containers.

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