Asian countries are the birthplace of Ardisia. This evergreen shrub is very common in tropical and subtropical latitudes, in total there are about 300 species of this plant.

In room conditions, most often grown are garristate (Ardizia crenata). This is a small tree (up to one meter high) with large glossy sheets that have an uneven (gutted) edge. Ardiziya blooms in small white flowers. Another interesting feature is the presence of fruits - the plant for a long time can be literally strewn with bright red berries. Thus, the plant looks decorative at any time of the year: the spring-summer period of flowering is replaced by the appearance of fruits, and the foliage itself looks very elegant.


Ardizia prefers a moderate temperature of about 10-15 ° C.

A plant needs a lot of light, but it is better to plant a little while in the hours of the brightest sun.

Watering is moderate, depending on air temperature. In summer, more moisture is required than in winter. In strong heat, watering should be abundant. At any time of the year, spraying with warm, settled water is useful - Ardizia is a tropical plant and likes moist air.

Ardiziyu should be fed every two weeks during the whole growing season. To do this, use special complex fertilizers, such as: "Rainbow", "Ideal", "Giant" and etc.

For the formation of a beautiful crown Ardiziyu should be cut from time to time.

It is possible to replant airdism every spring. The substrate for planting is prepared from turf and leaf land with the addition of sand. To avoid stagnation of water, you can add charcoal to the soil, be sure to make good drainage.

Aphids, worms and shchitovki can cause air damage significant damage. Pests are removed with a damp cotton swab (you can moisten it with alcohol or a soap solution), then the plant is treated with insecticides.

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