Application and useful properties of lovage. lovage

The people lovage has several names. It is called and "love-grass", and "lover", and "perennial celery." To taste this plant is contradictory. At first it has a sweetish taste, and then a sharp and slightly bitter one. The smell is sharp, spicy.

Lovage description

Lovage - a perennial, herbaceous plant. In height reaches one and a half meters. The stem is hollow, branched. The leaves of the plant are extremely similar to celery leaves. However, they are larger. They contain essential oils, carotene, phytoncides, vitamins C, B, P. Lovage has a thick rhizome. It is brownish in color. It contains starch, tar, mineral salts. Lovage blooms in early August. The flowers are yellowish, umbrella-shaped.

Lovage Cultivation

Lovage - unpretentiouscold-resistant plant. It grows well on any soil. It has a favorable effect both sun and shade.

  • Breedslovage seed, bush dividing, root cuttings.Seeds They are sown in early spring. However, it is better to reproduce lovage by dividing the bush or root cuttings. This is also done in the spring (somewhere in the beginning of May).
  • Lovage can grow in one place up to ten years, after which it should be rejuvenated.
  • Lovage CareIt is nothing special. It needs to be watered, to loosen the soil near it and feed up. Every spring produce organic feeding.
  • Regularly lovage bloom starts with of the second years of life.
  • Trimplant needed as needed (preferably from June to August).
  • The roots are dug up in the third year.
  • Leaves and roots are stored in sealed jars.

Useful properties of lovage

  • Lovage has anti-inflammatory properties. It perfectly heals scratches, cuts and wounds.
  • Helps the plant and from many diseases. Lovage soothes nerves, relieves migraines and swelling, inhibits inflammation. Lovage regulates the bowels, eliminates flatulence, is antihelminthic.
  • Some scientists believe that lovage helps to cope with alcohol addiction.
  • Lovage helps female beauty. To make the hair shine and volume, they should be rinsed with decoction of lovage.
  • Lovage tincture returns tired men force and interest in the opposite sex.
  • Lovage oil is used by women as aphrodisiac. To do this, they apply it in small quantities on their skin.

Lovage application

  • Useful properties of lovage found their application in medicine. Plant or extracts from it are part of many drugs.
  • Besides medicine, lovage is widely used. in modern cosmetology. It is extremely useful for female beauty (hair, etc.)
  • Used lovage and in traditional medicine. Broth from its root is used in diseases of the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, as well as nerve diseases. It is rubbed into the scalp to grow and strengthen hair.
  • In cookinglovage also found a use for himself. Eat leaves, young shoots and roots of lovage. And both in fresh and in dried form. Lovage added as a seasoning in all the first courses, as well as in meat, vegetable and fish dishes. However, it is added in small quantities, due to the strong smell. Lovage is added to the production of fragrant candies. Young stems of the plant for this are boiled in sugar.

Lovage - extremely useful plant, you can see for yourself. It is used in many industries: in cooking, in medicine, in cosmetology, etc. It can be grown on your land, it will not take you to any serious trouble. This plant is unpretentious in the care. And the benefits will bring both your beauty and your health!

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