Ants in the greenhouse

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Ants often bother gardeners and gardeners. If you have got insects in the greenhouse, and the most famous folk remedies do not help, do not despair. To combat black ants, many effective methods have been invented.

How to remove ants from the greenhouse?

The fight should start with effective proven methods.

Ants in the greenhouse: how to get rid of?

  1. Boric acid 1 tsp, minced meat 100 g is required. Since this method is ecologically safe, it can be repeated several times per season. Mix the powder with the meat, roll the small balls, spread out near the anthill. The effect will be noticeable after 2 weeks. Not only meat, but also sugar mixed with water and boric acid is attractive for these pests. Bowls with a solution (5 g of acid, 50 g of sugar and water) should be placed next to the anthill. Boric acid is effective in combating not only ants, but also cockroaches.
  2. Traditional chemical insecticides can be used. Buy a remedy for cockroaches, for example, crayon Masha and draw stripes on wooden boards, place the bait near the anthill. Pests will be forced to leave the greenhouse.
  3. Effective the next way to combat ants. You will need a strong insect repellent and 1 liter of water. Open the vial, mix the contents with water. The solution should be poured in 1-2 ml into the inlets of the anthill, then cover it with a film.
  4. Another method of getting rid of insects is to use a mixture of honey and brewer's yeast. This method does not pollute the soil. Ants have a sweet tooth and will not give up the delicacy, which will inevitably lead to their death.

Ant product in the greenhouse: reviews

  • Irina: Chemicals are less effective for destroying offspring, because a queen lives in an anthill as well. Chemistry kills adult insects, and the offspring remains. While the bait with boric acid gets into the anthill and all ants eat it.
  • Vitaliy: I personally used the Thunder remedy on the site - 2. I put the granules in the habitats of insects, and soon they disappear. The Great Warrior also helps, Muracid.
  • Olga: I know one proven folk method, I take 50 grams of vegetable oil, 50 grams of 9 percent vinegar, mix and water the places where ants accumulate. The principle of action is not clear, but insects disappear. You can also just pour anthills with boiling water, in which the roots of the delphinium are brewed and unrefined vegetable oil is added.

Ant products: reviews

  • Vladimir: I was helped to remove all the anthills from the greenhouse, the drug Combat.
  • Natasha: The method is unusual, but effective. My grandmother uses it. She lays pieces of herring or herring near the anthill. It helps. They also recommend millet anthills to fall asleep.
  • Inna: Mixed citric acid and anise oil, poured not only in the places of ants accumulation, but also fought with the bear and moles.

Fighting ants in a greenhouse?

To effectively deal with insects, you need to know what smells repel them:

  • Lemon (sour);
  • Carnation;
  • Ground cinnamon;
  • Mint;
  • Sagebrush;
  • Garlic;
  • Bird cherry;
  • The roots of the delphinium;
  • The roots of aconite;
  • Tomato leaves;
  • Anise leaves;
  • Parsley.

Given this factor, it is possible to create a special aromatic mixture for scaring ants, which will inevitably lead to their migration. To spread the smell on the paths of insect movement. Make a repellent composition, for example, from wormwood is not difficult, take 400 g of wormwood fresh (dry 40 g) and brew with boiling water. Then the grass must insist day in 10 liters of cold water. After the time has elapsed, strain and spray the anthill itself and the surrounding area.

Ants in the greenhouse: how to get rid of?

From synthetic odors, use kerosene, Vishnevsky ointment.

There are ants in the greenhouse: what to do?

Not only chemicals and folk methods are effective in fighting ants in the greenhouse, you can come to the rescue agrotechnical methods. Constantly loosen the soil in which the insects have settled. Anthills are not only sprayed, poured, but also powdered. For these purposes, suitable wood ash, slaked lime, dry mustard, ground pepper, ammonium nitrate.

You can try to lure insects into a jar of jam. But it is unlikely the whole colony will slip there. Therefore, this method will not solve the problem, although it can be tried as an additional means of struggle.

Ants rarely start up in polycarbonate-coated greenhouses.. Take it on board to prevent pests. To destroy insects, combine the proposed means, experiment.

Most environmentally friendly methods do not solve the problem immediately, if the ants are scared away by the smell, they simply change the place of deployment. A small amount of these insects is even welcome, they loosen the top layer of soil, enrich with humus and minerals. But when there are many of them, they contribute to the spread of aphids, because they feed on its sweet secretions and are interested in the reproduction of the pest. Ants also spoil the root system of plants.

Starting the fight against ants, remember that resort to the use of pesticides should be the last. After all, even if you get rid of insects with insecticides, then pollute the soil, make it unsuitable for growing plants. Therefore, folk remedies in the fight against pests are the most effective and safe, on them and focus. Also, do not forget that ants perform their function in the greenhouse ecosystem; if you destroy them all, this will lead to a sharp jump in the population of other parasites.