Anthurium- one of the most beautiful exotic flowers, whose birthplace is South and Central America. In another, anthurium is called the flower of love, the flower of flamingo or the language of fire. The highlight of the flower is its inflorescence, which consists of a curved ear and a large bright bract that resembles a heart. The color spectrum of the flower is very bright and varied - from bright red to black, from white to dark green.

Anthurium - Flamingo Flower

Anthurium leaves can reach 40 cm in length, and the flower itself can grow up to two meters. Anthurium leaves grow on hard and long petioles. The flower blooms all year round without a break, and therefore attracts many flower growers.

Like any exotic flower, Anthurium loves to be naughty and needs special care.. This is due, primarily, to the fact that the flower is used to grow in conditions that differ from ours. The trouble is that most owners complain about the yellowing leaves of anthurium.

Causes of yellow leaves in anthurium

  1. Anthurium loves water very much, and if you knock down the mode of watering a plant, it will lead to yellowing of the leaves.
  2. Stagnant water in the soil leads to yellowing of the roots and rotting of the roots of anthurium.
  3. A large amount of chlorine or heavy metal oxide leads to yellowing of the leaves of the plant.
  4. Sun rays and drafts also cause the leaves to turn yellow.
  5. If anthurium leaves turn yellow in winter, it means they lack light.
  6. The lack of substrate for anthurium.

Why do anthurium leaves turn yellow?

Why anthurium leaves turn yellow: parasites

Most often, anthurium leaves turn yellow due to improper care. Sometimes aphids may appear on flowers, shoots and leaves, which “drink” the sap of the plant and cause the anthurium to dry. But this is not the worst! One of the worst pests for a flower is a mealybug. This parasite sucks all useful substances from anthurium, from which the flower dies. If you notice that the plant is withering away, it means that there are parasites in it, and you need to start the treatment of anthurium.

How to care for anthurium?

So that the leaves do not turn yellow, and the flower does not hurt, the anthurium must be properly looked after.

  • First of all, pay attention to the quality of the water with which you water the flower. Water should be used only separated from room temperature (or 2 degrees higher). After each watering of anthurium, be sure to remove the remaining water from the pan - this is necessary so that the roots of the flower do not rot. Sure to change pot sizes as anthurium grows, otherwise it will be crowded, and the flower will soon die.
  • Since the flower is exotic, he loves the heat, but does not tolerate drafts. Therefore, make sure that in the room where there is a flower, there was no drafts, butfresh air should be regular.
  • remember, that Anthurium needs to be fed: feed the flower once a week in summer and once or twice a month in the winter.

How to care for anthurium?

  • Provide the flower with good light or partial shade. Light should be enough for anthurium flowers to be bright and beautiful. Just try not to expose the flower to direct sunlight.
  • Choose a suitable heat and humidity regime for the flower, then it will not hurt.
  • In summer, the air temperature should be not lower than 18 degrees Celsius, and in winter and autumn - 15-16 degrees.. If you want your anthurium to bloom faster, in January you can raise the temperature to 25 degrees.
  • In the summertime, try to water the flower liberally, but do not overdo it. Spray anthurium leaves with boiled water as often as possible..

If you follow all these rules, the leaves of anthurium will not turn yellow, and the flower will grow and please you with its beautiful flowers.

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