Anthurium - the flower of love

This plant, which came to us from the South American forests, has earned itself deserved popularity with gardeners. A huge number of varieties (about 800!), Leaves a wide scope for choice for every taste and color. The main decorative value are the flowers of the antrium: green, red, pink, white, they amaze with unexpected combinations of colors and an unusual, elegant form. It is believed that the antrium flower symbolizes the male principle, it is called - the flower of love.

Memo for the grower


  1. Antrium loves good light, but it should be protected from the sun. Direct sunlight can cause irreparable damage.
  2. The temperature in summer should be 20-25 ° С, in winter - not lower than 17-18 ° С.
  3. High humidity is required, both of the soil and air, so abundant watering is required (especially during active growth - this is spring and autumn), as well as constant spraying, at least 2-3 times a day.
  4. Feed once a month with mineral or organic fertilizer.
  5. The first five years of the plant’s life must be replanted annually, then once every 2-3 years.
  6. The soil should be light, loose and slightly acidic.

How to prevent water stagnation

With abundant watering, which requires an antrium, it is easy to overdo it. With the stagnation of the water the plant begins to rot the root system. This should in no case be allowed. First of all, good drainage is needed. Secondly, the pot should not be deep, but wide, because the antrium has a shallow root system. It is not necessary to cover all the roots with earth, but as they grow, the aerial roots gradually raise the plant. This must be taken into account when transplanting and slightly deepening the root system in the substrate. Thanks to the roots that remain on the surface, the plant receives moisture from the air. You can cover them with sphagnum moss, which should be regularly sprayed.

Finely chopped sphagnum can also be added to the substrate. Adding ground bark or coal will help improve the soil. Since the root system of the antrium is located partly above the surface of the earth, it is risky to loosen the soil, so every effort must be made to ensure that the soil looseness is achieved by its composition.

Pest control


  • The plant requires special attention, because very susceptible to parasites.
  • With the defeat of the shield on the surface of the leaves appear sticky discharge. The plant should be cleaned with soapy water or, in case of serious damage, treated with carbofos.
  • Shriveled leaves with yellow spots indicate the appearance of aphids. To combat this parasite use an infusion of tobacco or actellic.
  • With the defeat of the antrium with a mealy scarlet (its clusters are clearly visible on the leaves, stems, and even in chitum), it is necessary to treat the karbofos.
  • To combat septoria, which is expressed in the appearance of spots on the leaves, it is necessary to remove the affected parts of the plant and treat it with a solution of blue vitriol.

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