Ant remedy in the apartment

Spring has come, nature comes to life. Along with the warm weather, various bugs, goats, and ants appear. It is the last of the list of insects constantly strive to get into our housing, and without an invitation. And the uninvited guest ... well, you understand. Maybe they just do not know about it? Well, it remains only to choose a remedy for ants in the apartment.

Colony-settlement in the apartment: why you?

How to get rid of ants in the apartment?

To begin with, let's find out who we are dealing with, or maybe it would be better to immediately surrender to the colonialist's mercy? In the world there are more than 11 thousand species of ants. In our region, the following representatives of this multi-million nationality most likely could come to your house:

  • Black garden ant is the most common species that most often violates the boundaries of private ownership. He lives in the soil, but he cannot resist the temptation to visit our kitchen in search of food, especially something sweet and sticky.
  • A carpenter ant is a large enough black or red permanent inhabitant of humid woods and nearby houses.
  • Red ant, preferring grass and forest. In colonization almost not seen.

These insects within their community have a social hierarchy and form colonies. At the head of the colonialists is the reigning queen, surrounded by sterile females who are the main labor force responsible for the supply. For the continuation of the kind and expansion of the colony bring up princesses. "Men" are kept only for fertilization, and their age is very short. In general, the ideal society is a complete matriarchy.

What attracts ants in our cozy home environment? In principle, the same as ourselves: shelter, heat, food. Some colonies are looking for heat near heating appliances or electrical installations. Others are attracted by food or sweets, perhaps they have already made their way to our kitchen cabinets.

In addition, they can be attracted to dead animals, such as mice in the attic. The third simply liked our house, because it was too hot outside, and they decided to settle in it, organizing their nests in silence and coolness.

Home Safari: Ant Hunting

Ant remedy in the apartment is effective

No matter how much you would like to destroy these aliens one and all, you should know that the ants came in peace, they do not even know that they have violated someone's regular way of life. Especially garden ants. These are absolutely harmless creatures that do not even bite, are not carriers of diseases and are very useful for the garden, because they destroy small pests such as aphids and the like. So when you decide to use poisonous substances against these cute bugs, maybe you should limit yourself to less radical means?

Everything in this world is relative, because from the point of view of the ant, it is we who prevent it from living as it wants. Now imagine that if ants had the opportunity to fight with a man as a pest. How many people live in your apartment? And how many ants are in one colony? So they left the children in kindergarten. Okay, jokes are jokes, but when in the sugar bowl in the morning, instead of sugar in an anthill, it is no longer laughing. And since man is the king of nature, then by the right of the strongest we announce the hunt for ants. The main aspects of the fight against ants:

  • Keep all foods out of reach of insects: in the refrigerator, tightly closed container or lockers.
  • Never leave dirty dishes in the sink, especially soaked in a little water.
  • Use a sponge dipped in bleach to clean all kitchen surfaces, cabinets inside and dark corners, especially if they are damp and warm.
  • Make sure that the trash can is tightly closed with a lid.
  • Carefully vacuum all angles and nooks.
  • Silicone seal all possible passages for the ants: the gap in the baseboards, vents, all kinds of cracks.
  • Check all indoor plants for ants in the soil and aphids on the plants.

Chemical attack

Ant chemical treatment

The use of commercial insecticides is the most radical method of dealing with unwanted visitors. The goal is to destroy the ants, not scare them. There is a wide selection of insecticides in various forms:

  • Spray can be sprayed on the ants, their paths of movement or in the cracks and cracks where these sweet-tooths are hiding.
  • Gel - the most effective remedy for ants in the apartment: a few drops on their way is enough to destroy the stronghold of the newcomers.
  • The powder can be applied dry or mixed with water and sprayed on the ants, their paths of intersection and on the anthill.
  • Granules are similar to powders, but preferable because small particles of insecticide do not enter the surrounding air.

5 natural methods to keep ant colon colonization

Ant excretion methods

If a humanist has won you, we suggest using less radical methods of fighting ants in an apartment with folk remedies:

  • For some magical reason, ants do not pass through the chalk. Just draw a thick line with chalk along the places of possible invasion.
  • Ants always carry with them an acidic substance that protects them. Make a mixture of baking soda and powdered sugar and place it in strategic places. The mixture will produce unpleasant reactions in the body of insects and repel them from your home.
  • Coffee grounds in combination with lemon juice can be used as a repellent to form an anti-anthrax barrier.
  • Another folk remedy for ants in the apartment is lemon, or rather, fresh juice. Ants do not like this sour fruit, which disorients them.
  • A bait solution consisting of 750 ml of water, 250 ml of sugar or honey and 20 ml of boric acid will help. Ants getters will bring this tool to their mink and poison everyone there.

Attention! Some insecticides, including gels, can be toxic. You must be very careful with these products, especially when you have small children or pets.

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