Annual and perennial flowers in the country

Country house - this is the place where people come to relax, take a break from the bustle of the city. Therefore, I want to be there was nice and comfortable. Bright and fragrant flowers will help to create an unusual cozy atmosphere in the country, blooming and pleasing to the eye all summer long. What representatives of flora cope with this task?

Flower summer: delight for the eyes and the soul

Flower summer

The colorful landscape around the house, the cozy bosom of a gazebo twined with bright plants, the pleasant aroma of blooming peonies, lilies and roses ... Surely, everyone presents his country house this way. After all, going to nature, we strive to get aesthetic pleasure from the surrounding landscapes in order to take a good rest from dusty city streets. You can create such a beauty that gives pleasure throughout the season, surprising guests and neighbors with the help of garden flowers.

Of course, I want the bright flashes of colors on the site to raise the spirits throughout the whole summer. For this, it is necessary to select such types of flora that would bloom for a long period. It is quite difficult. But such plants really are, and we consider the most popular ones.

Perennials with a long flowering period

Perennials with a long flowering period

Perennial flowers can grow for several years in the same place without needing a transplant. Unlike annual varieties, they are very resistant to all weather conditions and are mostly picky. Their advantage over the "one-season" flowers is to reduce both labor costs (due to the fact that they do not need to be planted annually) and material (perennials will grow each year, become more and more magnificent, so they can be propagated). But at the same time, not all perennial species are able to survive the winter in the ground. Some bulbs will have to dig and store in special conditions, which will not please everyone.

Those perennials that are distinguished by the greatest color and aroma are suitable for giving, although blooming all summer is very rare: the “flash” period lasts a maximum of two months.

The tiered decoration of flower beds looks the most impressive - the arrangement of flowers in groups depending on their growth.


Veronica long-leaved

The highest flowers should be seated in the center of the composition or on the back rows. For tall perennials include:

  • Nines - yellow flowers, flowering period - from July to September;
  • rose - luxurious, but capricious, blooms up to 30 days, depending on the species;
  • Mallow (Stockrose) - looks great along walls and fences, buds of different colors;
  • golden balls - will delight in August-September;
  • Veronika dlinnolistnaya - blue buds, color gives all summer;
  • dahlia - large and bright flowers, a long flowering period;
  • Crocosmia (montbretia) - bright red, yellow, orange flowers;
  • basil - fluffy inflorescences of different colors, decorative leaves;
  • Delphinium - a majestic plant with many flowers of cold shades.

Medium tall

Medium sized plants are suitable for making any flowerbed:

chamomile and cornflower

  • Daylily is a very beautiful flower, but with a relatively short flowering period;
  • lilies - bloom July-August;
  • peony - a spectacular and fragrant flower, one of the most long-lived;
  • phlox is a fragrant plant that blooms all summer;
  • Cornflower - a touching blue flower that flaunts for almost two months (maybe one year old);
  • chamomile - delicate and elegant, blooms all summer;
  • Astilbe - pink and lilac inflorescences, the heyday - June-August;
  • Rhodiola Rosea - a medicinal plant that has golden or red branches, also blooms from June to August;
  • tulip - buds of different colors, blooming in spring - early summer.


Very low-growing plants will look if you plant them along the tracks or around decorative objects. This, for example:


  • Pansies - one of the most beautiful species, blooming for a long period;
  • Crocus - tender, early flowering plants;
  • iris - different variety of shapes and shades;
  • bell - elegant buds, bloom almost all summer;
  • carnation - long flowering bright hats of flowers;
  • narcissus - spring, "sunny" plant;
  • Adonis - yellow flowers, early flowering period.

These varieties of flowers are most popular with gardeners. So that they are pleased for several years, it is important to land them in the right place. Flowers that love sunshine should not be in the shade and perish.

Annuals: Beauty for one season

Annual flowers, although they require a seasonal planting (in some cases, with the preparation of seedlings in the spring), but they bloom much longer than perennials. In the absolute majority of these plants bloom in their splendor from the beginning of summer to frost. A variety of varieties is amazing!


It is very beautiful to decorate the walls of the gazebo, hedge or any vertical support with a climbing flowering plant. It can be:


  • Kobeya - elegant liana with delicate leaves;
  • Ipomoea - bright buds in the form of a gramophone;
  • nasturtium - unpretentious plant with bright orange flowers;
  • dolichos - very beautiful vine - winding lilac;
  • sweet peas - rich multi-colored buds.


Annuals with a direct stem, like perennials, can be high, medium or low:


  • Sunflower - a popular flower- "sun" (tall);
  • Calendula - orange flowers of simple shape with medicinal properties (medium);
  • poppy - a bright flame on a bed (medium);
  • Begonia - one of the most beautiful plants (medium and short)
  • Aster and zinnia are popular colorful varieties of flowers;
  • eshsoltsiya (low) - quivering butterflies against the background of openwork leaves.

Ampelnaya (hanging)

Decorate hanging baskets and tall vases with flowers so that their stems can effectively fall:

ampel petunia

  • Petunia - a magnificent plant with petals of various shades;
  • Lobelia - a beautiful flower of cold shades, blooms from June to August.

Annual flowers in the country, blooming all summer, are an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the whole season and each year change the composition to their liking.

Landing principle

Landscape Design

Landscape design is a laborious, but fascinating affair. For the most impressive results, think in advance at what places to plant certain flowers, grouping them by color shades, height and needs for certain conditions. As already mentioned above, the flowerbeds, built according to the “long-term” principle, look good: the highest varieties are planted in the center, and then the “growth” of the plants becomes lower with each next rim. It is better to plant undersized specimens along borders or to form various contrasting patterns from them.

It is not necessary to use only flowers that bloom all summer in the design of the plot in the country. By combining different varieties into one composition, starting to bloom one after the other, you can ensure that your garden will be beautiful for the whole season, constantly being updated and delighting with new colors, shades and scents.

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