Amaryllis - home care

Amaryllis refers to the onion perennial plants, very successfully growing at home. Its leaves are linear - linguistic form, green - very dense, rich structure of green. The flowers are quite large, gathered in inflorescences in the amount of 6 flowers. If the amaryllis bulb is well formed, then it can give two floral arrows. Amaryllis usually blooms in the fall, but with proper care, flowering can begin in early spring..

Amaryllis - very thermophilic indoor plant, It does not tolerate our winter, because he comes from Africa, so it can not be planted in open ground.

Amaryllis care at home

Amaryllis refers to unpretentious indoor plants,and subject to simple rules, it will delight you with its wonderful aroma.

Amaryllis - home care

  • After purchasing the bulbs of this plant, it must be planted in a pot so that at least one third of it is visible above the moistened soil.
  • In order for the plant to develop actively in the spring, it needs a lot of solar heat and light, the air temperature in the room with amaryllis should range from 18 to 25 degrees C above zero.
  • If the growing season of amaryllis begins in March, then it is during this period that the most juicy and bright flowers are produced. As soon as the arrow released by the bulb reaches a height of 10 centimeters, it must be actively irrigated.. Too early watering of the plant during the growing season will lead to an increase in the leaves, but not Amaryllis inflorescences and subsequently its flowering will be very transient and inferior. plants.
  • When the plant begins a growing season, it should be fed twice, with a ten-day break. Watering should be carried out as the soil dries.

Amaryllis care at home

  • Amaryllis blossoms before foliage, when this period ends and the flowers finally dry up, the foliage does not need to be cut and there is no need to stop feeding the plants. Gradually watering and feeding the plants should be reduced in order to prepare amaryllis for a period of calm and after two months it is only necessary to water it. During this period, the pot with the plant should be placed in a cool and dark room, where the air temperature will not be below + 10 degrees C.
  • Provided the alternation of periods of rest and flowering of amaryllis, which lasts about three months, the plant will please you with lush inflorescences, otherwise the flowering will be very limited, and later the bulb may even lose its ability to reproduce.
  • Amaryllis does not need an annual transplant, The best time to transplant a plant is every three to four years. During this time, children of Amaryllis just have time to grow and will be able to develop independently after they are separated from the uterine bulb. Instead of transplanting plants, you can simply replace the top layer of soil and pour a new one. The amaryllis bulb gradually becomes more and more visible from the ground, therefore it is necessary to periodically pour the earth into the flower pot. Remember - Amaryllis can be transplanted only after the flowering period and after complete drying of the flower arrow of the plant.

Amaryllis bulb at home

  • The best soil for amaryllis - land for bulbous plants, it is very common in hardware stores, but you can make it yourself: in equal proportions, take the following types of soil — leaf, sod, peat, sand, and humus.
  • Before transplanting the plant (3-4 days), pour it abundantly. After you remove the bulb from the ground, carefully inspect it, clean it from dry scales, old and rotten roots, very carefully separate the children of the bulb. In a pot you need to plant one onion, after pouring sand under it to prevent rotting of the roots. The diameter of the pot should exceed the diameter of the bulb about 5-7 cm for normal vital activity of amaryllis.
  • Because amaryllis breeds onions, then the planting technique is similar to the planting of adult plants, only the diameter of the pot should be as for an adult plant, because the onion needs a place for growth, the peak of which it will reach in 2 years.

Amaryllis blossoms at home

  • Still Amaryllis can be propagated by seed, but in this case, the plant will bloom only after 6 years. The seeds are formed after pollination of flowers, they need to be planted in a pre-moistened soil and ensure that the earth does not dry out. A month later, the first shoots appear, which are placed in pots one by one. Propagation by seeds is effective in the case when the bulb is not fertile, but if it is not so, then it is better to plant the children, it will be more efficient.

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