This is a garden plant with small (5 cm in diameter) flowers slightly resembling lilies or orchids. Flowers are collected in a loose lush inflorescences.

Originally from Alstroemeria from South America, it is also called the "Peruvian Lily" or the "Lily of the Incas."

Alstroemeria varieties

Alstroemeria - the flower of the ancient Incas

The most common are undersized (60 cm tall) varieties (Lightu Hybrids), they are varied in color - the flowers can be yellow, white, pink and red.

The variety of orange or yellow Alstroemeria, in which the upper petals have red markings is called "Alstroemeria aurantiaca".

Quite often there are varieties such as "Orange King", "Dover Orange" and "Lutea" and various hybrids.

Planting and breeding Alstroemeria

The seeds of the plant are planted in the ground at a distance of 30-40 cm. Alstroemeria grows well on sandy soil, needs shading, so it feels great in the shade of garden trees. Over-watering should be avoided. Flowers appear in June-August. For winter, Alstroemeria is well warmed: after the ground part of the plant is cut, the soil is covered with a layer of dry foliage, covered with film and a layer of earth or humus on top. If the winters are very cold, the tuber is dug out and, with a clod of earth, is placed for the winter in a dark, cool place. The most suitable temperature regime in winter is not lower than 5 ° С, in spring and summer (including during flowering) - 20-25 ° С.

Alstroemeria - the flower of the ancient Incas

If the rhizomes of Alstroemeria grow strongly, they can be divided into parts. Carry out this procedure in the spring, separating the part with at least 10 eyes. Delenki necessarily treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and then planted into the ground to a depth of about 10 cm. In the first year after dividing the rhizomes can be observed weak growth and flowering. These are temporary phenomena. After the final rooting, Alstroemeria returns to normal growth rates and flowering intensity.

Alstromierit is multiplied by springtime sowing of seeds under glass. To do this, place the seeds in a container with a loose, well-moistened substrate and cover with glass. Shoots usually appear after 3 weeks. Seedlings are planted in the open ground in the spring, as soon as the soil warms up sufficiently.

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