Alpine slide do it yourself

The Alpine Hill, in a different way, is called gardeners and landscape designers rock garden or rockeries. All these terms denote one thing - the original rocky garden, which serves to decorate the backyard.

Many people have already loved this type of garden decoration. But here's the catch - not everyone can afford to pay for the services of a designer, and I really want a fancy little thing, like our neighbors. In this case, you can offer make an alpine slide with your own hands. You yourself can come up with its sketch, design and choose plants for decoration.

How to make an alpine slide?

  • Having reviewed the Internet, having looked through the photo with alpine slides, Imagine what you want to get as a result.

Alpine slide do it yourself

  • Choose a place, where you will implement your plans. Best suited spacious, open and sunny corner of your garden.
  • Place the alpinaria on the southwest side or south side of the plot.
  • Now it is necessary dig a pit. Attract for this your men. The size of the pit will depend on the size of the alpine slide you want to receive.
  • Next stage - drainage. It is best to use broken bricks, gravel, expanded clay, gravel for a rocky hill. We fill the drainage with sand or small gravel and pebbles with sand. On top of the drainage we lay a layer of fertile soil, about 30-40 cm deep. This could be black soil.
  • We decorate the hill with stones. According to your sketch, the size of the stones and their outlines can be very diverse. You also choose the location of the stones on the hill. Breed same stones should be one!
  • It is important to remember the following rule - stones are set in tiers, ranging from large to smaller. Each layer is poured over with earth. The maximum number of tiers is 5. Do not forget to also leave enough space between the stones for plants!

Alpine slide do it yourself

  • When the base of our rocky slide is ready, take a close look at what you did. Do you like? Indeed, at this stage, you can still change something in the design. If all is well, start to fall asleep rock garden soil.
  • Land for planting need to buy in a special store. You can cook yourself. For this mix one part of peat with three parts of clay soil.
  • And the last, final stage in the creation of an alpine slide with his own hands - planting plants. But first you need to decide what plants you want to see.

Alpine plants

  • The choice is big. Basically, for rockeries use undersized or creeping perennial ornamental plants. And decorativeness can be created using not only flowers, but also leaves (their shape, color), and the general appearance of the plant.
  • From the flowering plants can be advised Himalayan geranium, blood red geranium;clove pinnate, carnation grass; semi-divisional gentian; Carpathian gambling bell knapweed.

Alpine slide do it yourself

  • Top of the alpine slideYou can plant small trees and shrubs, then - perennial grasses.
  • Suitable for rock garden high alpine plant species. Initially, only these species were planted. But now you can use other plants of our native latitudes.
  • Important when choosing plants for a rocky hill consider their compatibility. Well combine plants so that they bloom one after another, and the hill all the warm season remained bright, festive.
  • In winter, a rocky hill will give freshness. coniferous plants. It may bemountain pine, thuja orjuniper.
  • Evergreen Shrubs - very good for the appearance of your slides.
  • From ornamental grasses, the healing ones will suit you (you will get double benefit from them!): rosemary, thyme, sage etc.
  • For exotic you can plant ferns.
  • Look very unusual cereal. Recently, they began to gain popularity.

Alpine slide do it yourself

  • If you are a fan daffodils, marigolds, nasturtiums, then boldly plant them on your alpine hill, there will always be a place for them there.

Now that the plants are selected, think about how, in what order they are planted. The method of compatibility and ordering must be complied with at the same time!

Some of the plants can be planted with seedlings, sow something with seeds (if you are sure that they are of sufficient germination).

Preparing a place for landing one or another type of plant. For this it is necessary to moisten the soil well. Carefully water the ground before planting! Then we plant a shrub, small tree or flowers. Plant seeds at some distance from each other, otherwise you will have to thin out them, and this is not always convenient on the finished alpine slide.

Having planted a tree or a flower, it is necessary to tamp the ground around it well. Then powder the rammed earth with small pebbles. Pebbles will help you slow down the growth of weeds, as well as keep soil moisture as long as possible.

Alpine slide do it yourself

So that the roster rate of the planted (especially fast growing) plants does not grow very intensively, fill the entire space of the hill and the place around it with small pebbles.

So, from the desire to acquire an alpine slide on your site, nothing will hold you now. Now you know how correctly create a rock garden with your own hands, and what plants for a rocky hill to choose, so that it was beautiful and original all year round!

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