Alokaziya - extremely rare plant. Not in any flower shop it can be found. Yes, it is difficult to call alokaziya as a houseplant, because it is very difficult to grow it at home. The conditions are suitable for her greenhouses, there is not so much literature about alokaziya. However, the plant is medicinal.

Appearance of alokaziya

Alocasia belongs to the group of decorative leaf plants.

The extraordinary sizes of leaves on long, erect petioles attract attention in the appearance of alokaziya. They are thyroid in shape. Have paler color streaks.

Types of Alokaziya

  1. Alokaziya Sander - green leaves with a metallic tint or shimmer. The edges of the leaves are jagged.
  2. Amazonian Alocasia - more common form than the previous one. Leaves are darker in color, streaks are bright white.

Location in the house alokazii

It is best to have a living room or bedroom in the house for alokazii. In the living room there are guests, let them marvel at a curious and very rare plant.

However, alokaziya cannot live in your house for a long time. As soon as you see that it starts to fade, feels bad, take it to the greenhouse for restoration.

Alokaziya care

  • Illumination in the summer - partial shade, in winter - bright sunlight.
  • The temperature in summer is from 20 ° С, in winter - not lower than 18 ° С.
  • Humidity increased. We really need frequent spraying of the leaves.

  • Watering cautious. The earth should not dry up, otherwise the plant will die. However, excessive soil moisture will adversely affect the health of alokazii.
  • Propagated by alokaziya division during transplantation.
  • Repot the plant in early spring every year.

Treatment of diseases with alokazii

Alocasia is widely used in traditional medicine for the treatment of many ailments.

  • Tincture from alokazii will help to cure rheumatism, paralysis, polyarthritis, salt deposition, mastopathy, gout, spurs.
  • This is an excellent remedy for enlarging the thyroid gland.
  • Take the tincture inside for the treatment of tumors in a female, especially fibroids and fibroids.
  • Tincture alokazii also has an analgesic effect.
  • Compresses from alokaziya tincture will help from varicose veins.

But do not forget that the treatment should be long and be sure to focus on your overall health.

Alocasia is not just an extremely rare indoor plant, it is also a cure for many diseases.In a speedy recovery can help tincture of Alokaziya, which can be prepared by yourself or buy at the pharmacy.

We must not forget that the plant is very capricious and can not grow for a long time at home, because greenhouse conditions are suitable for it. Therefore, if you acquire alokaziya with the purpose of preparing tinctures, then do it a month after the purchase (unless of course you want to admire it) or immediately.

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