This plant of the family Gesnerian distributed in tropical latitudes of both hemispheres. There are about 40 species of Ahimenez.

These are perennial herbaceous plants. Both the leaves and flowers of Ahimenez possess high decorative properties. Leaves - whole, wide, slightly wrinkled, have a jagged edge. Ahimenez has a long flowering time - from spring to autumn. Flowers are rounded, can be purple, red, pink, white and other colors (it depends on the variety). The root system of the plant is located mostly superficially. The period of rest is well expressed, it lasts 4-5 months.

The most common types of achimenes


  1. Long-flowered - with spectacular, elongated-oval, slightly dipped leaves and light purple flowers with white throat. Flowering time - from April to October.
  2. Mexican - quite high (up to 40 cm) plant, with lowered leaves and shoots. Leaves with a reddish tinge. The flowers are purple, about 5 cm in diameter. Flowering in April - October.
  3. Krupnotsvetkovy has oval, pubescent leaves and large, purple flowers, which are located on long (3-4 cm) pedicels along sprawling shoots. Flowering time: April - August.
  4. Red reaches half a meter in height. The leaves are oval-shaped, with a serrated edge. Flowering occurs in July and August. The flowers are small (about 1.5 cm in diameter) of rich red color.
  5. All varieties that were obtained as a result of crossing, belong to the hybrid type of Ahimenez.

There are a lot of varieties of this plant, let's call some of them "Lady in black", "Purple King," Snow Princess ", etc.

Care features

Ahimenez need bright light, but can not stand direct sunlight. The optimum temperature is 20–22 ° C. When watering water should not fall on the leaves - it spoils their appearance.

The reproduction of plants can be carried out by rhizomes or seeds, but the easiest way is grafting. The transition to a state of rest in almost all species and varieties of Ahimenez is accompanied by the extinction of the aerial part of the plant in the autumn. The remaining rhizomes can be left in the same pots or placed with a box of sand. They should be stored in a dark place at a temperature of 10-12 ° C. In late February, the rhizomes are ready for planting.

For growing best fit small (10 cm in diameter) pots. The substrate must be very nutritious. Cooking options:

  1. Deciduous, greenhouse, sod land (4: 2: 1) with the addition of crushed moss and peat.
  2. Peat, turf, coniferous and deciduous land (3: 2: 2: 1) with the addition of sand.

About 5 rhizomes are placed in the pot, placing them on the periphery. It is not necessary to actively fill them with earth, just enough to push into the soil.

After planting, the containers with rhizomes are left in a well-lit place at a temperature of 16 ° C. In no case should not allow drying of the earth! With regular and uniform moisture, germination occurs fairly quickly.

The easiest way to reproduce Ahimenez - cuttings. For cuttings are taken the middle or lower parts of the shoots and rooted them in the sand.

During the growing season, Ahimenez can be fed once a month with a solution of mineral fertilizers (especially nitrogenous ones).

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