A gift for a loved one

What to give a loved one? This question is in the air, not only on the eve of his birthday, New Year or Valentine's Day. Gifts to loved ones can be given without a reason, because with their help we show attention and care for the closest person.

A gift for a loved one

When it comes to a gift made with their own hands, many smile unhealthily, believing that it is impossible to do anything worthy and beautiful on their own. It is much easier to go to the perfume shop ... But this is only an excuse for not wanting to devote a little of your time and imagination to create an unforgettable masterpiece.

Meanwhile, with your own hands you can make as a budget gift, as well as a very expensive one.

How to make a gift to your loved one?

  • Think always about your possibilities, well illustrate the problem of the unsuccessful surprises of the "Let's Get Married" program. If you can’t sing, then don’t do it, if you don’t know how to sew, you don’t need to making a sock hare, as did the heroine of the series "Friends." Before you start making a gift, determine your abilities.
  • After you have decided that you can do Buratino, you need to think about whether Buraet is necessary for your beloved. Analyze the range of his interests: does your man like to travel, is he a fan of applied art, what style of dress and interior does he prefer?

A gift for a loved one

  • If you want to sew or tie a gift to your man, then it is not necessary to take measurements from him personally, it is possible with items of his clothing.
  • Determine the cost, if the gift of your dreams you can not afford, no need to exert titanic forces to implement the plan, think about something else.
  • Do not give your beloved an unsuccessful example of man-made, only a perfect gift is worthy of a dear person.

What should be a favorite gift?

Let's start with the budget options.


A gift for a loved one

Everyone remembers that the way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach. We read about cooking only after we have analyzed the tastes of our young man or beloved husband. If your faithful sweet tooth, then you can prepare him a basket of sweets, but not harmful, but beneficial not only for health, but also for the figure.

You will need:

  • A beautiful basket, we choose its size depending on the scale of our creativity.
  • White shawl with embroidered initials.
  • Fresh berries raspberries, strawberries.
  • A bar of white and black chocolate.

In the evening, after a hard day's work, embroider the initials on a white kerchief or napkin, lay a cloth on the bottom of the basket. The chocolate should be melted in a water bath, let cool slightly. After that, gently pour the chocolate inside the raspberries, strawberries dunk in chocolate. We spread the finished berries on a tray, put the strawberries spout up. Place the tray in the fridge for a while until the chocolate hardens. After putting the berries in the basket, and go to a romantic meeting.

Such a gift is not difficult to prepare, but the effect of it should exceed expectations.


A gift for a loved one

You can make both yourself and your loved one at the same time. Allow yourself to participate in an erotic photo shoot. In order not to overreact and make your loved one worry about who photographed you, ask your friend to do it. Surely every woman has a friend with creative abilities that can come up with a plot and make beautiful photos. Wrap pictures in beautiful wrapping paper or a simple envelope in which private detectives in Hollywood TV shows usually bring evidence. But think about privacy, it is not desirable that your photo session will ever become compromising, so let everything be worthy in the photos. If in doubt, then abandon this venture immediately.

Soap with your own hands

a gift to your own beloved

There are a large number of recipes for making soap on the Internet that will advise you to buy the magic ingredients, but it can be much easier.

You will need:

  • Beautiful mold.
  • Unflavored soap.
  • Food coloring.
  • Favorite perfume.

Choose a beautiful baking tin or a toy sand mold in the toy store. Boil non-flavored soap, food coloring. Melt the soap in a water bath, add to the mixture a dye that matches the color of the gift idea, add to the mixture a few drops of your favorite perfumes, the fragrance of which your faithful knows and remembers. Pour the mixture into a mold, pre-lubricated with vegetable oil, this does not apply to silicone molds. Let the soap harden. A gift for a guy is ready. Now every time he takes a shower, he will think about you.


A gift for a loved one

Men love to glue the walls of beautiful women, superheroes, favorite actors, we will not delve into the psychological background of this hobby, and try to ennoble him. Make a collection of posters yourself. Here you can take into account not only the tastes of your beloved, but also your own, because you also happen if you don’t live in the room where they are located. If a man loves cars, then download beautiful photos of cars from the Internet, print them in A3 format on good quality paper or in general on cardboard. Posters in a frame in the men's room will not look very good, but images on cardboard will last longer than analogues from magazines. Beautifully pack posters and give to your beloved one. What could be better if a woman is supportive of men's hobbies.


a gift to your own beloved

If your man is a fan of artistic creativity, and you can draw, you can make graffiti on the wall of his house. No need to use symbols, a bright graphic image should be forever. From the same category hippie bus. On the Internet, there are enough options for unusually decorated buses, in which hippers travel the world. Today, hipsters are no less popular, if your friend favors their worldview and is not averse to traveling, or decorate the yard of your house with an unusual car, then buy an old bus and decorate it in the best traditions of the genre. Old bus can not buy expensive.

Gift beloved with their own hands. More ideas!

  • For lovers of flora and fauna, make a terrarium in Ilyich's light bulb.
  • Fans to relax in the country will enjoy a hammock made by the hands of the beloved.
  • Tent with their own hands will help to arrange a romantic evening in oriental style.

A gift for a loved one

How to make a gift to your beloved: video

Feel free to experiment, fantasize and translate your ideas into reality. Your loved one will appreciate the desire to make him pleased.

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