A ferret at home

Deciding to opt for the ferret as a pet, remember that it belongs to predators, and not to rodents. This should be remembered when it comes to the rules of keeping a ferret at home. Misconception can cause the death of an animal, as it leads to improper maintenance and care.

A ferret at home

Caring for a ferret at home is distinguished by its mandatory and strict rules., which should be respected.

Keeping ferrets at home

  • Keep the ferret at home can be like a normal cat or closing for the time of absence. But a cage is also necessary for him. There should be a bowl for food, a nipple or a ball drinker (not a bowl for water, they constantly pour it out), a rectangular tray, bedding or a house where you can hide with your head, a hammock. As a litter fit old things.
  • It would not be superfluous to create pipes, shelves, and ladders so that the ferret could fully move. If he will walk around the apartment, in each room it is desirable to put a tray. For convenience, you can use an absorbent filler.
  • If he spends most of his time in a cage, its minimum size should be 60 to 80 by 45. It should be well locked, and you can put it on the loggia, balcony or in the room. In winter it is necessary to ensure that the water in the drinking bowl is not frozen. Ferret refers to frost-resistant animals., therefore, avoid places in the sun, drafts or near heating devices. Overheating for ferrets is dangerous.
  • Without failthe ferret should enjoy at least 4-5 hours a day free to run. For proper development, he needs toys, but not fur or rubber, suitable latex or plastic. You can give old sneakers, socks or bags that rustle. Do not interfere with the supply and the box with sand for digging.

A ferret at home

  • You also need a plastic carrier for cats to carry the ferret for a walk or to the vet. It is very important in the house to close all the cracks where he can climb in order to avoid accidents. Remove all indoor plants from the floor, as he will destroy them. Restrict access to any rubber objects so that their crushing does not lead to its death.
  • It is better to close the ferret during harvesting.. Sitting on the bed, make sure that he does not sleep under a blanket. It is necessary to close all windows and doors to the balcony, if it is not glazed, otherwise it may fall from there, you also need to hang a reliable grid on the window.

Proper ferret care

  • Before washing, make sure that the ferret does not sleep in a front-loading washing machine. Get rid of fans and faulty electrical appliances. Restrict access to the kitchen, so that the ferret does not indulge in favorite hobby to dig in the trash. All that is bad, he will surely take in his nest egg.
  • Be sure to have a first aid kit, as is the case with any other pets. Also make a list of veterinary clinics that treat ferrets specifically. Do not self-medicate, as in the case of problems the animal needs immediate medical assistance.
  • If you want to walk the ferret, Be sure to get vaccinated, get a harness and accustom to it in advance, do not let go of one, because it is lost. Do not leave it in the car in the sun, otherwise the ferret will die in a few minutes. Be sure to take water with you.

A ferret at home

  • Do not walk it near the garbage, do not allow anything to pick up from the floor and do not bring to the children, because he bites, and they can harm him.

How to feed a domestic ferret?

  1. Such cute-looking creatures, like ferrets, belong to predators, which is decisive for the preparation of their diet. It is very good if boiled meat, raw chicken, heart, liver, kidneys, turkey, lamb and lean beef, sometimes boneless fish, best of all sea food, are included in the diet.
  2. It is worth adding eggs, cottage cheese, cereals to these products, but their volume should not exceed 1/5 of the diet. Suitable canned meat intended for kittens and nursing cats. Feed the ferrets at home should be 7 times a day, but for 1 p. They eat 1/3 of the cat bowls, so they don’t need too much food.
  3. Food for ferrets should consist of a large amount of animal protein, which is prohibited to replace vegetable. If you feed it with special feeds, it is better to choose feed for ferrets or for cats, but not lower than the superpremium class. Want to save, better not to ferret.
  4. The main component of the diet is poultry meat, pork should be avoided, lamb and lean beef should be given in limited quantities, and it is undesirable to feed only raw meat. Rump, buckwheat, wheat, oatmeal will suit him from the croup, mackerel, trout, flounder, herring, cod, and horse mackerel from fish. It is not recommended to mix food and natural products, feed food for adult cats and dogs, fruits with a lot of fiber, bakery products, sweets, most types of fish and regular food, especially smoked, fried and fatty. For the preparation of the correct diet is better to seek help from a veterinarian.

A ferret at home How many ferrets live?

A healthy ferret, purchased from a responsible club breeder, can live for up to 11-12 years if properly kept at home. But for this to happen, you must immediately approach with full responsibility to acquire this rare animal and make sure that it is not removed from nature, otherwise, apart from problems, such an acquisition will not deliver anything.

Before buying a pet, you need to think about whether you can afford it. Ferret can not buy:

  • When you are planning to have a child or have children of preschool age.
  • If you are allergic to pets.
  • Those who do not have sufficient material and living conditions, because the services of veterinarians are expensive, and the ferret does not apply to animals for keeping in cages.
  • In the house live dog hunting breed, birds or rodents.
  • Older people leading a calm and measured lifestyle.
  • If there is no time to care for the ferret.

The most the right age for the purchase will be the age of 2 months and older. At this point, the ferret has already formed and you can immediately see if it is healthy. It is not recommended to buy earlier than this period, since it is not known whether the breeder has responsibly approached the feeding and care of the offspring and the pregnant female.

In order not to encounter a ferret after purchase with the need for its long-term, costly and not always successful treatment, do not save on the purchase. Low price should be a signal that the ferret is not all right. The best seller will be a club breeder who responsibly approaches the issue of ferrets breeding.

How many ferrets live?

It is also very important when purchasing to issue a contract of sale and obtain documents for the animal and a guarantee of support. You should not buy such an animal on newspaper ads, in the markets and even in pet stores. Responsible breeders are engaged in the sale of animals and will not give them up to such conditions. Otherwise, you risk acquiring an animal that grew up in its natural habitat or sick, which in both cases will cause you many problems.

If you have any doubts about the purchase of a ferret, think, it may be better to acquire a real friend in the face of a cat or dog, which for thousands of years has served people. You should not acquire a ferret if you can not guarantee that you will responsibly support it for the rest of your life., not afraid of certain difficulties, always arising from the maintenance of exotic animals.

Maybe you better bring happiness to a stray animal by picking it up on the street than buying an animal that requires significant material costs for its maintenance.

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