A bouquet of chupa chups do it yourself

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Sometimes you think about what to give a sweet tooth for a child or how to surprise a naughty girl? An excellent solution would be a bouquet of chupa chups, because besides the beauty of such a gift is also very practical, they can enjoy with pleasure. However, a professional bouquet of chupa chups will be expensive, but you can make it yourself.

To make a bouquet of chupa chups you need: thin colored paper, candy chupa chups or any other candies on a stick, scissors and floristic ribbon.

Making a bouquet of chupa chupsov do it yourself

At first, circles should be cut out of paper, the size of which should correspond to the sizes of the candies selected for the composition. To speed up the process, you can cut circles from several layers of paper at once. In this case, 2-3 layers of material are used.

Find the center of the circles, fold the paper in half, and then again in half. Mark the center on the mug and insert the candy on a stick by carefully collecting thin paper near the candy. Lightly press the wrap to create wrinkles, so as to create a semblance of a flower.

Press the paper petals tightly to the base so that the folds on the flower are properly fixed. And fasten the base of the flower to the candy stick.

Spread out the received preparation and fix a floristic tape. Screw it tightly on the wand from the chupa chups, starting from the very base. Spread the petals to make the flower more similar to the natural plant. Now you can make a complete composition out of individual colors.

Handmade Chupa Chups for Valentine's Day: Step by Step Instruction

An ideal occasion for a self-created gift is a holiday when it is inappropriate to give expensive presents, but you really want to make a person happy and express your sympathy. For such a case is perfect Valentine's Day.

First you need to stock up on the necessary materials. You will need: chupa chups - on the 1st to create each flower, textured light pink paper or corrugated thin, double-sided green colored paper, disposable molds for pink muffins, green gift tape, hole punch, double-sided tape, scissors and glue.

A bouquet of chupa chupsov do-it-yourself: how to make?

  • Take a piece of thin light pink paper and lay it horizontally, bending equal strips from edges to the middle so that the edges are joined. Then fold the paper in half, its free side facing out.
  • On the folded sheet from the side of the folds should be drawn equal halves of hearts, and then carefully cut them. So that the paper does not slide, it can be stapled in several empty places.
  • Count the number of hearts from the size of the bouquet - about 3 pieces are required for each flower. After that, add the hearts together and use the hole punch to make a hole in the bottom.
  • Dip 3 hearts on the stick of candy, straightening them so that they look like a living flower and stick them to the candy with small pieces of double-sided tape.
  • Then use the hole punch to make a hole in the center of the muffin mold, and put it on the candy stick as well. To secure the basket around the chupa chupse, you can use double-sided tape or glue.
  • Take a leaf of colored green paper and fold it in half. Start from the fold, draw an elongated leaf and a stem of medium length. Carefully cut the leaves, making sure that all halves of the sheet remain motionless. For each flower requires 1 such billet.
  • Now you need to hide the wand from the chupa chups and make it look like a stalk. For this you need a thin green packing tape, if it is wide, then it can be cut into thinner strips. Spray it with glue on one side. When the glue dries out a little, wrap the tape on the stick, starting from the top and slightly stepping on the previous round each time, cut off the remnants of the tape, leaving a small tip, and carefully hide it inside the candy tube.
  • Then attach the sheet - grease the center of the workpiece with glue and attach it under the basket with a small button, winding the thin part around the stick 2 times. Base the leaves together with double-sided tape or a small amount of glue.
  • Wait for the glue to dry, slowly straighten and fold the leaves near the florets. On one of them, carefully write the name of the person to whom the gift is intended.
  • Also, when creating bouquets and crafts from the chupa chupsov, you must follow some rules:
  • Paper for crafts fit any color, as long as the color of the buds is combined with the core;
  • If you are using unprinted paper, cut the ribbon longer, to get more petals;
  • Figures for a bouquet should be cut with a small margin, so they are easier to attach.

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You can give bouquets of chupa chups to newlyweds, friends or relatives just to set the mood! And such a bouquet can be put in a beautiful vase and placed in your house to decorate the room. For the decor of the apartment it is also easy to make a chupa ball of chups, connecting the candies in a circle with chopsticks inside.