A bag of good mood and happiness

On the eve of any holiday everyone faces difficulties in choosing suitable gifts. But if it is easier for close people to choose a pleasant surprise (after all, their preferences are known in principle), then the selection of a present for those whose tastes are not quite clear can become a real puzzle. That's when a hand-made bag of good mood comes to the rescue. Options for the wishes for it, you can choose from ready-made or come up with yourself.

What is a bag of good mood?

What is a bag of good mood?

A bag of happiness with wishes is a fabric bag in which small little notes with pleasant wishes are inserted. It is not at all necessary (and, perhaps, even better) to fill it with more than paper — you can come up with original content to which you can stick an unusual message. It can be:

  • candies;
  • chips;
  • kegs for bingo;
  • nuts, etc.

This gift is perfect for any occasion:

  • birthday party;
  • wedding anniversary;
  • celebration of the New Year;
  • February 23 and March 8, etc.

The main thing - a similar souvenir will long remind the addressee of a wonderful holiday. And in moments of despondency, having gotten, say, a candy with the wish “Smile!”, He will certainly not hold on and will blur in a contented smile.

Principles of making a bag of happiness

Principles of making a bag of happiness

Choosing gifts, we always try to adhere to a certain subordination: what you give to a friend, you will not hand over to a boss or mother, etc. But a bag with positive wishes for every day is a universal souvenir. True, you need to come up with little notes with instructions so that they are not inappropriate. To do this, you should adhere to several principles of drawing up the wishes:

  • brevity (only a couple of words are needed, it is not necessary to write compound sentences: it will be uninteresting for a person to re-read such "writings", even if they are full of good wishes);
  • simplicity (it is not necessary to shine with complex verbal turns);
  • a positive attitude (try to have all the wishes of the momentary and that they do not have something in the spirit of "Tomorrow you are lucky!" and the like).

How is a bag of happiness?

To make an original souvenir, it is not necessary to be a professional tailor. It is enough to have a general idea of ​​sewing and to be able to use a thread and a needle. The style of a fabric bag can be thought up on its own, but it is faster and easier to make a bag of two rectangles of fabric, hem the upper edges so that you can draw in a string.

If desired, you can make a bag with a round bottom. In this case, the bottom of the desired diameter is cut out first, compacted with a fleece pad, and then the long side of the rectangle is sewn with cross-linked side parts. Do not forget that the bag must necessarily be tightened on the string, because this is not something, but a bag!

Wishes for children

Children love unusual gifts

Children love unusual gifts, especially if there are sweets in those. You can give a bag of happiness to a child who already knows how to read. In this case, the wishes should be clear:

  • Smile!
  • Lucky candy!
  • Get 5!
  • Share with a friend and others.

Composing a bag of luck for the child, remember that you should not make out many wishes: children quickly lose interest in monotonous entertainment. But for adults it can be at least a list of 365 wishes for each day - there would be enough sweets (or their alternatives) and fantasy!

Wishes for male colleagues

Corporate parties in honor of February 23 are usually very fun and provocative, but women are always puzzled by the question of what to give to male colleagues. In this case, a bag of good mood will be most welcome. Wishes can be playful:

  • Have a snack!
  • Drink one cup ... at least coffee!
  • To health!
  • No, take the next one!
  • Ate? And now 10 push-ups!

Notes for women

It’s really not that hard to come up with wishes for the ladies.

To come up with wishes for the ladies is actually not that difficult. The main thing is that each of them reflects the basic idea that they are a beautiful part of humanity.

  • Smile to the reflection!
  • There is no dearer you!
  • You look great!
  • Treat yourself to a cake!
  • Today, all the princes are at your feet!

Universal wishes

On public holidays, you can not bother to prepare individual bags, and make a universal set of wishes. By the way, if the celebration is scheduled in a circle of loved ones, then you can "figure out" one handbag for all guests. If we are talking about, for example, corporate events, then we will have to do for each participant.

  • Have some fun!
  • Be healthy!
  • For cheerfulness!
  • Come on one more, huh?
  • To wake the brain!
  • Relax!
  • Inspires for feats!
  • From the pressure!
  • For tonus!
  • Do not fuss!

A wonderful gift is a bag of good mood. Variants of wishes for him can come up with a variety. It all depends on your imagination and the personality of the person to whom the handbag of happiness is intended. And, of course, parting words should be made playful. Do not forget that in every joke there is some truth.

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