Zinc ointment for acne and other skin problems


It's a shame when, on the eve of a responsible and important event, a pimple jumps up in the middle of the forehead, and perhaps not even one. And what do we not do to get rid of the impartial cosmetic defect. And when expensive and advertised tools do little to help, we panic. There is a way out - the usual zinc ointment for the face will save.

Simple composition, but many advantages

For medical purposes, the use of zinc ointment

At the mention of the phrase zinc ointment, many may have an erroneous opinion that this remedy is used only for the treatment of skin diseases. Of course, reading the instructions for use, this opinion will be difficult to argue. However, this drug has a decent place on the shelf of your cosmetic products for skin care.

The composition of the ointment is quite simple: zinc oxide and soft petrolatum, mixed in a ratio of 1 to 10. But do not be confused by such a meager amount of ingredients - for your skin this can be a definite plus. Zinc itself is constantly in our bodies and is responsible for many processes, including the sense of smell, color and smell. But soft petroleum jelly in this composition plays a supporting role of a conductor. It is thanks to him that small particles of oxide get inside our skin.

For medical purposes, the use of zinc ointment is possible only by doctor's prescription. However, this does not apply to its cosmetic properties. In particular, the drug is used:

  • As a means of protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. In this case, the ointment actually works on skin rejuvenation, promotes tissue regeneration, and also protects us from photoaging.
  • Zinc ointment will help you get rid of acne on the face. With its antibacterial and healing effect, it will not only eliminate acne, but also prevent the emergence of new boils.
  • With strong irritations and allergic reactions on the skin, for example, caused by cosmetics or the effect on the body of the pollen of some plants.
  • You can use zinc ointment from age spots on the face. It especially helps people with dark skin, although this principle of its action is still not completely clear.

It is also believed that zinc ions can overcome shallow wrinkles. However, physicians refute this fact and warn women against such experiments. The fact is that zinc, even in combination with petroleum jelly, dramatically dry out the skin, and this can not only eliminate wrinkles, but also provoke the appearance of new, deeper folds.

Be carefull!

applying zinc ointment for face

Despite the simple composition and many positive effects for the skin, the use of zinc ointment for the face should be subject to certain rules:

  • Dermatologists recommend using the drug as the main drug. You can not combine the ointment with other products from acne, pigmentation and other things.
  • It is necessary to apply means on previously washed up, the face cleared of dust and cosmetics. It is impossible to wipe the skin with tonic before applying the ointment or apply a layer of cream on the face.
  • The ointment reacts quickly with powder, foundation and concealer. As a result, there may be some side effects in the form of swelling, redness or burning. Therefore, it is better to apply it in the evening before bedtime.
  • The maximum possible number of applications per day should not exceed 5 times. As the doctors say, even less, but better.
  • It is strictly impossible to apply ointment to the skin around the eyes, oral cavity and other mucous membranes.
  • The use of zinc ointment on the face of acne does not provide for any features. Apply the contents of the tube can be point only on the inflammation, or by replacing the usual cream with ointment.

It is important to know that in order to achieve the best results, it is necessary not only to regularly use zinc ointment, but also to adjust your lifestyle and diet. Dermatologists recommend to completely abandon products with a high content of copper and soy protein. Instead, you need to enrich the diet with green vegetables, legumes, nuts, boiled eggs and liver. Simply put, eat everything where you can find a fairly high level of zinc.

Opinions of experts

Is it possible to smear your face with zinc ointment? It would be logical to ask such a question to a cosmetologist, but it is extremely difficult to find a good specialist, not to mention the fact that in small towns there are simply no such people. That is why we took an opinion from the experts and found out:

  • You can improve the condition of the skin when using zinc ointment if you have problems such as skin dermatitis, allergic reactions to the cream or plants, irritation or acne.
  • Your appearance will change significantly after several uses of zinc oxide based products, if your skin is oily and shiny with pronounced pores.
  • It is not recommended to use the ointment for women with dry skin type, as well as for those who wish to eliminate wrinkles. In this case, it is better to invest in a good nourishing cream.

Is it possible to smear your face with zinc ointment

Unfortunately, it was not possible to find any clear comments about zinc ointment for the face against wrinkles and among ordinary women. Scrolling through many forums and reading hundreds of comments, one can only say with certainty about the benefits of the drug in treating problem skin. However, some women claim that it is with the help of the ointment that they cope with excessive sweating.

In any case, the choice in favor of zinc ointment is not armed with curiosity, and first of all based on common sense and the presence of specific problems. After all, the health of your skin and beautiful appearance will depend on it.