Almost everyone is familiar with the sensation when cracks appear in the corners of the mouth and inflammation begins. It is difficult to eat, it is difficult to speak, it is difficult to smile, but it is not worth talking about appearance at all! But you can deal with this problem.

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to establish the reason for the appearance of meals, among which are the following:

  • medication, especially antibiotics;
  • infection;
  • lack of vitamins A, B, C, E in the body;
  • habit to bite and lick lips;
  • nasal congestion, resulting in the need to breathe through the mouth;
  • excessive use of alcohol and sugar.

Bits in the corners of the mouth: treatment methods

First you need to get rid of the reasons for the occurrence of the jam If the patient has a cold and is taking medications and he suspects that the jam has been caused by the use of these drugs, he should immediately consult a doctor, he will choose the most appropriate drugs.

Zaedy: treatment and prevention

It is also important to exclude from the diet meals that can cause allergies and irritation, for example - spicy, sour, spicy, etc. You need to drink more water so that the body can quickly restore the skin. In the pharmacy, you can buy synthomycin ointment, it is inexpensive, but very effective!

In addition, such inflammation is treated with folk remedies:

  • You can make lotions from the infusion of chamomile, calendula, sage, celandine. Green tea helps not bad - for this you need to brew a tea bag and then apply it to your lip. Also good tool are lotions from the infusion of oak bark and alder cones;
  • Well suited for the treatment of the sticking oil of tea tree, rosehip, sea buckthorn, avocado, olive, flaxseed. It is necessary to moisten a cotton pad with oil and apply to the affected area for a few seconds. Perform such manipulations should be 2 times a week;
  • Propolis oil. To make it, you should mix 10 g of propolis with 100 g of butter, heat it for 10 minutes in a water bath, then filter and pour it into a glass container made of dark glass! Lubricate the wounds with this mixture should be 2-3 times a day;
  • Mix in equal proportions butter and grated apple, and then apply to the lips;
  • Mix a little cottage cheese with a few drops of carrot juice and apply this mixture to your lips.

Why do lip stickings appear on lips and how to get rid of them?

In another way, this disease is called angular stomatitis. It can be associated with nutritional deficiencies. Also, angular stomatitis can provoke fungal and bacterial infections of the oral cavity, because they settle in the cracks of the lips lead to even deeper wounds. Improper installation of dentures is another cause of wounds on the lips, as are allergies to toothpaste and lipstick.

If the lips are cracked from a lack of vitamins in the body, then for a speedy recovery it is necessary to lubricate them with an oil solution of vitamin A, and the diet should be enriched with carotene. To do this, you can drink daily 1/2 tbsp. fresh carrot juice diluted with low-fat cream. It is also useful to eat cheese, egg yolk, offal (liver, kidney, heart), yogurt, kefir, tomatoes, cauliflower, spinach, carrots, pear, peaches and beets.

The wounds formed by the ingestion of infections most often occur in children, because they take toys and other foreign objects into their mouths. At the same time a bubble forms on the lips - conflict, it bursts, and in its place appears crusted erosion. When the crust disappears, a bleeding crack appears. After some time, the crack is again covered with a crust. And such a cycle can be repeated from time to time. The best treatment in this case is hydrogen peroxide or brilliant green.

Snipes formed after taking a course of antibiotics are easily distinguishable from the rest. The wound is covered with a gray-white bloom, and under it is visible red erosion. Crusts it is not covered. Such lesions are treated with antifungal ointment, they should be lubricated 3-4 times a day. In addition, the plaque can be removed with a cotton pad, pre-moistened with soda solution or borax in glycerin.

Features of the treatment of children

In children, nibbles can be formed due to infection, allergies or due to lack of vitamins.

Baby buns: how to cure?

Pediatricians agreed that often such wounds in babies are triggered by a lack of riboflavin, because it is necessary for the normal growth of nails, hair and healthy skin. Often they are formed due to reduced immunity and various diseases. Also, a large number of children suffering from this disease may have a history of caries, chronic tonsillitis, frequent viral and catarrhal diseases, and worms. These diseases must be treated promptly to avoid the appearance of wounds on the lips.

One of the first symptoms of nausea in babies is the appearance of small bubbles in the corners of the mouth, which then burst, and erosion occurs in their place. The skin of the corners of the lips bleeds and becomes moist, microcracks are formed. Such erosion is healed, then re-inflamed. Children have painful sensations that prevent them from talking and eating.

The treatment of such a disease should be comprehensive. Before it begins, laboratory diagnostics should be conducted to identify the cause and assign a more accurate therapy. A general blood test and examination of the thyroid gland are also done. In addition to antiseptic lotions and antibacterial ointments, multivitamins are prescribed, agents that increase immunity and treat dysbacteriosis. Corrected diet: increasing the rate of fruits, vegetables, dairy products.

Also, the treatment of gums in children can be carried out with the help of traditional medicine. Honey, vaseline, and cucumber juice are used to soften the affected skin. Among the herbs used infusion of celandine, succession, chamomile, marigold, sage, fresh buttercup juice, Kalanchoe, plantain.

Prevention measures

Of course, it is better to prevent the occurrence of the food than to treat them. If the lips begin to peel off and there is a feeling that wounds can form, you need to take emergency measures:

  1. Apply at night on the lips of honey;
  2. Wax. It must be melted, mixed with hemp oil and put on the lips for the night;
  3. Moisten lips with thermal water several times a day. By the way, you can buy in the pharmacy hygienic lipstick on thermal water;
  4. 2 tbsp. l flaxseed and 2 tbsp. water boil and bring to the consistency of porridge, and then put on the lips;
  5. Rub the petals 1 rose and a spoonful of lard, and then apply on the lips.

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Lips on the lips - an unpleasant problem. The most important thing is not to let the disease take its course, thinking that everything will pass by itself. Even if this happens so, all this time the lips will hurt very much. If you are not able to cope with the disease yourself, then it is best to consult a doctor. Only he will be able to prescribe a comprehensive treatment, which will have a positive effect!