Yoga for pregnant women 1 trimester


Pregnancy is nine months filled with excitement, feelings, responsibility for the future of the child, his normal and harmonious development. That is why it is very important for future mothers in this period to be able to relieve their internal tension, to relax, using for this a variety of useful techniques. Today we will talk about the need for physical and energy strengthening of the body in the period of carrying a baby with the help of a complex of special exercises and proper breathing.

So, meet: yoga for pregnant women 1 trimester.

Why do you need to practice yoga during pregnancy?

Why do you need to practice yoga during pregnancy?

When future mothers are preparing for the appearance of their baby, then, first of all, they re-read a lot of literature about pregnancy, childbirth, raising a child. But now the birth begins, and it turns out that it was necessary to prepare both morally and physically. One of the best ways to prepare your body for natural delivery is yoga.

Do not be afraid, yoga for pregnant women is different from the traditional, and you do not have to walk barefoot on the glass and sleep on sharp nails. This is a specially selected set of exercises for the breath and the physical training of the future mother.

If you decide to devote yourself to such activities, it is important to realize that yoga is also aimed at self-knowledge, the acquisition of skills to wisely manage their natural abilities and talents.

Yoga in the first trimester: the basic rules and contraindications

Yoga for pregnant women in 1 trimester

We are benefited by all that does not harm. And you can hurt either intentionally or unknowingly. That is why when practicing yoga in the first trimester of pregnancy, you must observe the following safety rules:

  • first of all, inform your doctor about your intentions to do yoga, consult with him;
  • observe the regularity of the classes - this is important;
  • it is advisable to engage in special groups under the supervision of a qualified instructor;
  • with a pronounced toxicosis or hypertonicity of the uterine organ, as well as in the case of sudden changes in blood pressure, yoga classes are dangerous to health;
  • only be engaged in a good mood, and if you feel discomfort, then stop exercising;
  • approach power asanas (exercises in yoga) with caution, do not overload and be zealous, eliminate the load on the stomach;
  • do not jump, do not make sudden movements, avoid various tremors: you need to lie down smoothly and just get up;
  • In no case do not allow pressure on the press: twisting, as well as asanas, performed in the prone position, are prohibited during pregnancy;
  • It is not recommended to attend classes with a full stomach, and also a bladder: it is best to eat 2 hours before a workout, at least a light snack, for example, yogurt, half an hour before exercise.

Set of exercises

Consider the basic complex recommended for the first trimester of pregnancy:

  1. Pose "Balance". Sit on your fingers as shown in the picture, spread your knees wide apart, arms folded in front of your chest. Try to keep your balance for 15 seconds.Pose
  2. Pose "Cats". Kneel, palms rest on the floor. The distance between the knees and the palms is the width of the shoulders (see the picture). In this position, flex your back for 10 seconds. Breathing should be smooth. Then round the back.

  3. Pose "Butterflies". Sit, bend your knees, connecting the soles and heels, pull your feet to the groin. We press our knees to the floor, we breathe naturally, we hold our hands as shown in the figure.Pose
  4. Pose "Lotus". In the pose "Lotus" stretch your arms above your head, try to reach up. The back is flat, fingers are folded into the lock. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Breathe deeply.Pose
  5. Pose "Tree". Stand with one foot on the inside of the thigh of the other. Stretch your arms over your head, palms folded. With our whole body we stretch upwards. Hold for 10 seconds, change legs. If it is hard to balance, use a prop.Pose
  6. Pose "Camel". Get on your knees, push them apart, as shown. Lean on your arms from behind, inhale. Smoothly exhale, bend over.Pose

To better understand how to properly practice yoga for pregnant women in the first trimester, special video tutorials will help.

How to practice yoga in 2 and 3 trimesters?

The second trimester of pregnancy can be called the “golden” time for expectant mothers: the tummy grows, toxicosis is left behind, anxiety and fear is over due to habituation to a new state, and yoga has played its vital role. You can safely continue training and prepare for the upcoming delivery.

Now you need to add such exercises to the complex:

  • upside down poses;
  • exercises to relieve stress from the waist;
  • posture with an open chest in a sitting position.

The main thing - try to perform asanas correctly, practicing breathing techniques.

Yoga for pregnant women: 2 trimester

That came the third trimester of pregnancy. You have already come a long way, and there is not so much left to see the baby. Now you need to focus on relaxing measures, respiratory training and, of course, continue to relieve tension from the waist and legs.

Improving blood circulation with the help of yoga, we eliminate stagnation, forget about headaches and dizziness. Remember that doing the exercises, you strengthen the muscles and ligaments, thereby preparing the body for childbirth.

Given the timing of pregnancy and the size of the tummy, at this stage of the complex we remove the exercises in the supine position, standing on our feet, turning to the side and bending forward.

Yoga for pregnant women is a therapy designed to help women in the period of carrying a baby. The sooner you start to engage, the higher the guarantee that the pregnancy will proceed without complications, and you can give birth naturally and easily.