Yellow tea from egypt


Egyptian yellow tea is one of the smallest types of tea. It is made from high-quality raw materials with a minimum of processing, which allows you to save many vitamins and minerals. This drink has more concentrated beneficial properties of white tea, and as green tea is good for health.

Egyptian yellow tea

Tea from Egypt perfectly improves mood, which is explained by the high content of caffeine, unlike other types of tea.

Yellow Tea from Egypt

Fans of this tea set it apart from the others because of the extraordinary pleasant taste and original flavor with a slight taste of smoked meats. Today, yellow tea is not averse to being pampered by many, however, this pleasure is not cheap.

The drink is famous not only for its wonderful aroma and taste, but also for its beneficial properties. Good yellow tea and for weight loss, it is even included in the diet of many diets.

How is the Egyptian yellow tea Helba made?

When on a quiet evening, having covered yourself with a cozy blanket, you drink tea, sometimes you begin to wonder how it is created. Immediately, huge tea plantations are introduced, on which it is harvested under the hot scorching sun, then sent to the factory, where it undergoes many processing steps and only later comes to Russia by some ships and airplanes. Of course, now the process of collecting and processing tea is much more modern. Egyptian yellow tea is extracted from the seeds of a plant belonging to the legume family with the sonorous name Shambhala or Fenugreek. Locals prepare not only a drink from these seeds, but also excellent food.

Helba - yellow tea - at first it was popular only with the Egyptian people, but for a long time it was not possible to hide such a wonderful drink. After all, Egypt is a favorite place among tourists from all over the world, so tea quickly became famous in European countries, and now it is developing new horizons. The secret of his popularity is simple - this combination of high taste and healthy qualities.

The most famous and the oldest variety of yellow tea is considered to be Silver Needles from the Immortal Mountains or, in another way, Jun Shan Yin Zhen.They even make up beautiful legends about him and several centuries ago only people close to the courtyard could enjoy such tea.

How to brew yellow tea?

How to brew yellow tea?

  • Many, purchasing yellow tea, often face the problem of welding. Each type of tea is individual and requires a special brewing method. Ideally brew yellow tea should be in a ceramic or porcelain teapot, covered with glaze. Tea should be put on 3 g per person, while adding 1 g for each new batch. Thus, for two it takes 4 grams of tea, not 6 g. In the first three times, water should be poured at a rate, and then its quantity should be reduced.
  • How to brew yellow tea, so as to fully enjoy its alluring taste? For brewing this tea are taken dense, juicy and strong buds of small size, yellow-golden color and with a rich coating of white villi. In order not to lose the aristocratic flavor of this tea, brew it should be boiled, soft, not too hot water.But in no case do not brew yellow tea with boiling water, otherwise it will kill all the aroma and beneficial properties in tea.
  • Incredibly beautiful way to brew yellow Egyptian tea in a glass container.To do this, pour the tea into glass cups and half fill it with boiled hot water at a temperature of about 70 degrees. Wait ten minutes for the leaves to come in contact with water properly, without losing their beautiful aroma. With this method of tea leaves, a unique dance is dancing. You can do the whole ceremony, invite friends and enjoy the "tea of ​​the tea party". Then boiling water is added and tasting can be started.
  • There is another way to brew. For it, you will need a medium-sized pan, sugar, honey, lemon, milk and ginger.. Many do not consider yellow tea to be tea at all, as it is made from seeds. Therefore, it should be brewed differently from ordinary varieties. To start, rinse the brew with running water, then set aside in a dry place and leave to dry for several days. Only after this tea can be brewed. To do this, take a saucepan, pour about 250 ml of water, pour a teaspoon of dried tea and put on fire. Wait for boiling, wait for the tea to bake for 8 minutes, then it should be removed from the heat and poured into cups. Tea should be drunk in the form of heat. It will be more tasty if you add the right honey, sugar, lemon or fresh ginger. Brewing ginger is not difficult. The drink will get a very unusual and pleasant taste if you add some milk to it.

Useful properties of yellow tea

Useful properties of yellow tea

Egyptian yellow tea has many beneficial properties, and it is recommended to use it:

  • In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Yellow tea eliminates mucus and slag from the intestines, helps cleanse the body, has a healing effect on gastric and duodenal ulcers.
  • With elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood, as yellow tea has the ability to lower it.
  • For skin diseases. Yellow tea is able to normalize the gallbladder and liver. Namely, these organs have a direct effect on the skin.
  • In the treatment of diabetes and its prevention.
  • Egyptian tea perfectly cleans the kidneys, and if you combine it with date decoction, then this tea helps dissolve and remove stones from the kidneys and the bladder.
  • Excellent lowers fever with colds.
  • In the treatment of impotence and female diseases.
  • It has a powerful expectorant effect and helps with diseases of the respiratory system, such as asthma, bronchitis, etc.

Useful properties of yellow tea

  • In addition, Egyptian tea is great for cosmetic skin and hair care.

Yellow Egyptian tea is worth a try.. And in what atmosphere you will drink it: at home with an interesting book in your hands or in a noisy group of friends, it's up to you to decide. In any case, tea drinking will bring you a lot of positive emotions!