Yellow patina on tongue

The tongue is a rather important organ of the oral cavity, which, like a mirror, reflects the health of a person and the proper functioning of the internal organs. And in the case of violations in the body on it appear various types of plaque, cracks, spots, etc.

Raid on the language: species

Healthy tongue - pink, moderately moist. Normally, a thin film of whitish plaque may be present, but in most cases, it speaks of pathology, or poor oral hygiene. The amount of plaque and its intensity can be different and is directly dependent not only on the presence of any diseases, but also on the season. In summer, the time on the tongue may become more abundant than in the winter. And this is a variant of the norm. In the spring and autumn, the tongue has a slight and drier touch.

Yellow patina on tongue

By the number of plaque, changes in its color, one can judge the presence of a particular disease. For example, if it is white, gradually becomes dense, it is no longer possible to see through it the normal mucous membrane of the tongue, then this indicates the presence of pathology of the digestive tract. The same plaque appears in infectious diseases that occur with increasing temperature. There is a dependence: the denser the plaque on the tongue, the longer the disease exists or its symptoms are more pronounced.

Plaque on the tongue can be of different shades and colors - white, gray, even crimson, but white and yellow plaque can be seen most often in the oral cavity on the tongue.

Yellow language: causes

  • Almost always, a tongue lined with yellow bloom, speaks of diseases of the digestive tract. And first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the liver. Yellow language can be a variant of the norm, if it has a weakly pronounced color and appears in the summer time period.
  • Overlaid tongue yellow bloom, often indicates a disease of the liver and biliary tract, if it lasts and does not converge for 5 days or more. If a greenish shade is mixed with yellow, this indicates stagnation of bile.
  • To the question why the language is yellow, you can find a very simple answer. Often blame bad habits, namely smoking, abuse of coffee, strong tea and coloring drinks, first of all "Coke", "Pepsi".
  • Yellow plaque on the tongue is more often a symptom due to which, it is possible to identify a number of diseases, even in the absence of others, pronounced symptoms. Therefore, this is a significant reason to consult a doctor.

Yellow on tongue: treatment

The presence of a yellow tongue is a symptom, and, as you know, symptoms do not cure. Of course, you can temporarily eliminate it. The main goal of treatment is to remove the cause of the appearance of a raid on the tongue. Home treatment advice in this case can be satisfactory oral hygiene. The tongue is a kind of filter that can delay pathogens without passing them into the respiratory tract and further along the digestive tract. The result of such a protective function is the accumulation of plaque on the tongue.

For these reasons, he needs to help clean up regularly. Modern toothbrushes, in addition to brushing your teeth, can also be used to clean the tongue.

Yellow patina on tongue

As a treatment that offers traditional medicine, you can use diet, herbal preparations and even olive oil. The first step is to revise the diet and give up bad habits. If it was noticed that after some products a raid appears - it is best to exclude them from the diet.

Often a yellow patina appears after drinking strong tea, roasted, smoked. This suggests that the liver is unable to process these products. In the presence of a symptom, it is best to start the morning with milk porridge - oatmeal, rice, and oatmeal. They help normalize digestion.

With the appearance of plaque in the language of a greenish hue, which speaks of the stagnation of bile, you can drink a course of drugs, namely "Allohol." This tool has a natural origin and is choleretic. The course of treatment should be 2 - 4 weeks, you need to drink tablets before meals 3 times a day.

As medicinal herbs, it is recommended to use herbal mixtures - mint, chamomile, sage. At 1 tbsp. boiling water must be added to 1 tbsp. l each ingredient. Brewing the mixture obtained - it should be allowed to brew for half an hour. After that, it can be used for rinsing the mouth after each meal.

Do not forget about the already prepared mouthwashes, elixirs. When choosing, it is important to familiarize yourself with the composition and purpose. It is best to give preference to means with herbal supplements - oak bark, sage, mint, chamomile, propolis, etc.

The language is a unique organ that can signal a disease that has begun as long as it goes unnoticed. No wonder Eastern medicine has developed a whole system of diagnosing diseases by the location of the plaque on the tongue. For these reasons, it is not necessary to deal with the elimination of symptoms, but to find out the cause of the problem by contacting a doctor.

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