Yarrow useful and healing properties of yarrow


Yarrow - a medicinal plant, since ancient times known to people. Herbalists collected it in the fields, meadows and on the slopes of the steppes. Then dried for the winter, hanging in a dry place in the wind, and used to treat many ailments and diseases.

What is so useful yarrow? What are its medicinal properties?

Useful properties of yarrow

People benefit almost all parts of the plant: leaves, stems and inflorescences.

  • Yarrow contains many vitamins, essential oils, organic acids, phytoncides, alkaloids, tannins and other substances. It is the composition of the yarrow that determines its beneficial properties for all people.
  • Vitamin C, contained in all parts of the plant, strengthens the immune system. It also strengthens the walls of capillaries and other blood vessels.

  • Yarrow has anti-inflammatory properties. Treats various kinds of inflammation.
  • Juice or extract from the leaves of grass accelerates blood clotting, which is very useful for injuries.
  • Yarrow normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, eliminates the problems of this kind.
  • Millennialuk - excellent tonic, enhancing weakened immunity.
  • Yarrow is an excellent astringent.
  • The plant increases appetite.
  • Yarrow relieves headache, toothache and other kinds of pain.

Medicinal properties of yarrow

The curative or healing properties of the yarrow are also related to its composition. What can he heal us from, what diseases does he cure?

  • Due to the large amount of vitamin K, the yarrow from ancient times is used for the rapid healing of wounds. In common yarrow called "blood". In folk medicine, it is used to stop various kinds of bleeding: nasal, internal, for example, uterine or pulmonary.
  • Yarrow is effectively used to treat hemorrhoids.
  • Treats a Gastrointestinal Disease Plant: chronic gastritis at the stage of exacerbation, ulcers.
  • Treats yarrow and liver disease.
  • For people with bronchitis or lung disease Yarrow is a loyal assistant. It has not only anti-inflammatory properties, but also antibacterial and expectorant.
  • From purulent diseases yarrow will also help.

Who should treat the yarrow with caution?

  • People suffering from hypertension, yarrow treatment is contraindicated. It increases the risk of blood clots.
  • Those with increased blood clotting, also should not be used extracts, infusions of yarrow.
  • You can not be treated yarrow pregnant women!

People who do not have contraindications to the yarrow, it is better not to get involved and do not self-medicate with serious illnesses. It is always necessary to consult a doctor at the first sign of illness. Yarrow will only help you in a speedy recovery if used correctly.

Treatment with the help of traditional medicine (in particular with the use of yarrow) is a personal matter for everyone and only you yourself are responsible for the consequences! Always remember this!

Yarrow is a wonderful useful and healing medicinal plant. It has been used for a long time. There are recipes for the use of yarrow both as an external and internal means. It will help to cope with many ailments, strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation. This plant is tested by herbalists and our ancestors. Yarrow is a part of modern drugs that relieve from the ailments outlined in this article.

Nature made sure that the yarrow helped preserve and strengthen the health of each of us!