Worms in an adult


Worms are worms that are parasitic in humans. Some of them are not able to bring serious harm to health, others are quite dangerous. How can worms be a person? Symptoms indicating the presence of worms, do not interfere with the knowledge of everyone. And most importantly - how to expel from the body of these uninvited guests?

When should a suspicion of worms occur?

If an adult is worried about constant nausea, headache and cough

If an adult is worried about persistent nausea, headache and cough, then they begin to look for anything, but not helminths. Meanwhile, they often lead to the appearance of these symptoms. If parasites are bred in the body, they begin to actively proliferate, in the process of vital activity they destroy tissues and release toxic substances. The number of worms in the human body can reach hundreds and even thousands of individuals. The body can tolerate the presence of these "guests" for a while, and then such symptoms of worms appear in an adult:

  • frequent dry cough that is not cured by syrups and antibiotics;
  • poor appetite;
  • allergic skin rash, eczema, urticaria, foci of acne inflammation, boils, papillomas;
  • prolonged rhinitis (without other signs of a cold);
  • problems in the bowels - bloating, constipation;
  • decreased immunity and, as a result, frequent acute respiratory infections;
  • tooth gnash (due to overstrain of the nervous system);
  • weakness, irritability, nervousness, depression;
  • joint pain;
  • swollen lymph nodes.

Some varieties of worms "report" on themselves with specific symptoms. So, ascariasis can cause pneumonia, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

If a wide tapeworm settles in the body, then there is dizziness, pain in the abdomen. During defecation, fragments of the worm come out with the feces. The person, continuing to eat in the usual way, is rapidly losing weight. Further anemia develops.

Bovine tapeworm settles in the liver, which causes pain in the right hypochondrium.

Pinworms cause painful itching in the anus. Scratching this place causes dermatitis and inflammation.

Teeth grinding and other symptoms of helminth infection in children

There are up to 250 varieties of worms.

Children are most susceptible to helminthic invasions, as they often do not adhere to the rules of personal hygiene and pull everything in the mouth. The presence of the parasite in the child’s body can be suspected by the following signs:

  • intense drooling (including sleep);
  • hyperactivity, restless behavior;
  • itching in the anus, because of which the child literally cannot sit still for a minute;
  • increased craving for sweets;
  • dry hair and brittle nails;
  • peeling of the skin on the eyelids;
  • anemia of unknown origin;
  • lethargy and drowsiness;
  • exposure to frequent colds.

What organs can live worms?

There are up to 250 varieties of worms. For living they choose a variety of organs, such as the kidneys or eyes. Some types of parasites settle in the skin, muscles. They are found even in the blood. But most still live in the gastrointestinal tract.

Very often worms settle in the human liver. Symptoms that indicate the "colonization" of the body, do not appear immediately after infection. The first signs of invasion sometimes occur after 6 months. A person suddenly starts to lose weight or get better quickly. Eczema and even psoriasis can occur.

Some worms stick to the liver, lead to disturbances in its work and cause anemia. Others (such as the echinococcus) build a chitin capsule around themselves, which grows in size and interferes with the work of the organ. A person turns yellow skin, there is pain in the right side and digestive problems.

There are also characteristic symptoms of the presence of worms in humans in the liver - chronic fatigue and sleep disturbance from 2 to 3 am, when the liver is working in a heightened mode.

A worm-fluke living in the liver can trigger asthma.

Worms - fight: medication treatment

Although one of the important factors for diagnosing worms in humans

Although one of the important factors for diagnosing worms in a person is symptoms, treatment is prescribed only after the test results are obtained. Most often, a stool test is prescribed. But this is an unreliable method: sometimes only from 8-10 attempts it is possible to detect parasites. A more accurate diagnosis - veto-resonance test.

The easiest way to detect pinworms. To do this, make a scraping of the skin above the anus, and then examine it under a microscope.

When the parasite is identified, proceed with treatment. It is carried out in several stages:

  • training. It consists in removing (or reducing the amount) of toxic substances - the result of the vital activity of helminths. To do this, use activated carbon or allohol;
  • taking anthelmintic drugs. A good effect is given by the use of broad-spectrum antihelminthic drugs (Vermoxa, Pirantel, Dekaris, Praziquantel, Albendazole);
  • recovery. The goal of therapy is to strengthen the immune system (this is done with the help of echinacea), to normalize the intestinal microflora (Linex, Bifiform), to restore the liver (Essentiale, Karsil).

Traditional medicine against worms

If you decide to use folk remedies to remove the worms in humans, the symptoms must also be taken into account. If there are signs of pinworm infection, it is advisable to use garlic, infusion of tansy or wormwood.

A popular way of getting rid of worms is milk with garlic. You can drink it, seizing bread with garlic. This composition is suitable for enemas. For this in 1 tbsp. Milk boil large head garlic. Then cool, filter and put an enema with this solution. The procedure is repeated every day throughout the week.

Folk healers advise to drink 1 tbsp on an empty stomach for a month. garlic water. You need to take 6-8 cloves of garlic, mash, mix with 1 tbsp. chilled boiled water. Strain the solution. You can make microclysters with such water.

From cats you can catch feline fluke. It is believed that this worm is afraid of grated apples, which are mixed with carrots and tar. The proportions of the therapeutic composition: 1 tsp. carrot-apple mixture and 1 drop of tar. Use on an empty stomach.

To destroy tapeworm, it is enough in the morning (on an empty stomach) to drink 1 tbsp. water in which dissolved 1 tsp. salt.

If the type of parasites is unknown, but there are all signs of worms in a person (the symptoms of infection with different parasites may not be too different), then you can prepare a composition that destroys almost all the worms. It is necessary to mix in equal proportions crushed wormwood, centaury, cumin, ground pumpkin seeds (peeled). To the listed ingredients add 2 parts of ground cloves, 4 parts of pre-fried flax grains, milled tansy flowers. All grind in a coffee grinder, fall asleep in a glass container.

Take such a composition according to the scheme

Accept such a composition according to the scheme. In 1 day you need to eat 1 tsp. collection 30 minutes before breakfast, drink cold boiled water with honey. For 2 days the composition is consumed in the morning and before lunch. Then from 3 to 7 days should be eaten by 1 tsp. herbal mixture 2 times a day - before lunch and before going to bed

Most anthelmintic drugs and medicinal plants are very toxic. Therefore, it is extremely unwise to use them for treatment without consulting a doctor. You should not treat yourself if the patient is a pregnant woman or a child.

How does the infection occur?

Causes of worms largely depend on age. In children, they are associated with violation of the rules of personal hygiene, the use of unwashed vegetables. Adults often become infected with water. And it is not necessary to drink it - just wash the dishes with river water. Worms can get into the human body when eating meat and fish dishes without the necessary heat treatment. A common route of infection is the use of salted and raw fish.

You can become the owner of the worms, if you do not wash your hands while enjoying the outdoors or after gardening and earthworks. Symptoms of worms in an adult can appear after contact with infected people (through dust, air, and hygiene items).

Working at livestock farms and in meat and fish processing shops are at high risk of infection.

How not to get worms?

Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene - the best way to prevent worms from harming their health. Hands should be washed before cooking, before sitting down, and after using the toilet. Vegetables, fruits, herbs must be boiled over and then washed under running water.

Meat and fish should be roasted or boiled for a long time, and a separate board should be used for cutting them. It is better to abandon the use of dry or raw fish. You should not drink water from the tap, and, especially from the river.

Fearing to see the symptoms of worms, some people (especially the owners of four-legged pets) give the child and drink the appropriate drugs themselves. Such recommendations can be heard from doctors. But it is much safer to keep a close eye on your hygiene - and then no worms are scary!