Why walk


All of us, one way or another, go on foot, even those who have personal vehicles. But none of us perceive walking on foot as an alternative to sports, especially if we spend so little time and effort on this. Of course, it’s impossible to consider those few hundred meters that we go to the office or the bus stop, a full-fledged load for the body, but you can easily evaluate the ease of use of what we do all the time, turning it into sports.

If we consider that not everyone can run, their state of health does not allow them, there are not so many alternatives. One such alternative to jogging is walking. What is so useful walking tour, what benefits it brings to our health and how much you need to walk to achieve this?

Properly organized walking tours of the performance and the time spent on them can prolong our lives for many years to come. and not only. Walking is not less useful for health than jogging, and in some situations, by its positive effect on the human body, even surpasses it, without having contraindications and age restrictions.

Why walk?

You want your heart to work as it should, your lungs work at full strength, and your joints do not cause you problems, the blood circulates better and better, carrying beneficial oxygen to the cells of your body, making them work in the best possible way? Then walking is the first thing you should pay attention to. With their help, You will not only feel the improvement of your health, remove emotional and muscular tension, but also get rid of the deposited fat, few pounds that bother you.

When you go for a walk, your whole body relaxes. You are immersed in another world, nothing distracts you, does not anger, does not irritate, does not irritate. Your eyes are resting, watching the nature around you, no one bothers you, does not distract and does not burden your own problems. You are left alone with yourself, and you can ponder the accumulated questions in peace and quiet without hurrying anywhere. it the best time to solve a difficult problem, finally make a fateful or just an important decision that you could not take for many days, or even months. During hiking, your nervous system is strengthened.

Systematic walking promotes self-confidence, independence. You look at life more objectively, discarding all the superficial, all that distorts your perception of what is happening. The whole world seems to disappear, somewhere retreating, and takes with it all the problems when you walk in a quiet walking step, overcoming, step by step, meter by meter, the alley in the park or forest. That is why the monks of any religion, so appreciate the minutes of solitude and unity with nature.

Hiking and their effects on our bodies

When you walk, not only your thighs and legs, but also your arms, shoulders, and your pectoral muscles work. Active walks allow you to strengthen and pump hips, ankles and even knees. To train the muscles of the hands, you can use a stick, leaning on it while walking. This will allow you to move your arms smoothly, which is very useful for the spine.

There is even such a special kind of Nordic walking called Nordic walking.

Hiking with a stick - fairly effective way to lose weight, without resorting to exhausting diets. Walking for an hour, you can burn an extra 200 calories. If you prefer a more active form of walking, it will help you burn 400 calories already. The optimal load for walking, to achieve a positive effect, is a walk several times a week, 3-4 times.

Indispensable walks and as a source of stress relief. Walking on the nature, you shed the accumulated irritation, fatigue, discontent. Instead, positive impressions, peace and quiet penetrate your soul. You can walk alone or with someone who is close to you in spirit. The main thing is that you are calm and peaceful, and the person walking next to you is pleasant.

What you need to walk?

Walking does not require any extra effort from you and does not impose too stringent requirements for beginners.

  • The only thing worth paying attention to is comfortable sports shoes. It is necessary so that when the feet touch the ground, the heels are correctly absorbed, thus you protect your spine from excessive load.
  • Of course, do not forget about comfortable clothes.
  • Be sure to select walking place, in which you will be comfortable and cozy. It should be far from noisy highways, a dense stream of people. During the walk you should relax and be alone with yourself.
  • Those who have dogs at home will find in their face a wonderful companion for such walks. Even older people, especially those who are overweight, will be able to lose those extra pounds by walking.
  • Making a walk, you should not be distracting or causing discomfort, you should be nice and good. This is your time to improve your physical and mental health. Everything should be harmonious.

Doing hiking, you get the opportunity to think about your life and throw away the doubts and problems that destroy your nervous system, and nerve cells, as everyone knows, do not recover. That is why we must take care of them, reducing the effects of stress on us, trying to do everything in order to remain at peace with ourselves. Better a relaxing walk in nature, no one in the world has not yet invented.

Without hiking in nature, it is impossible to strengthen and maintain your health. The pledge of your health lies precisely in them.Walk and be healthy!

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