Why put the drip sodium chloride


Saline or sodium chloride is quite widely and actively used in modern medicine. It is noteworthy that he has been helping people for more than a decade and continues to be relevant, he does not have competitive substitutes. Saline can be taken intravenously and intramuscularly, as a means for washing the nose, rinsing the throat, for treating wounds. In other words, the range of its application is large.

Indications for the use of sodium chloride for the treatment of diseases

Sodium chloride for the treatment of diseases

So, why put the sodium chloride mill? First of all, to regulate the state of health and the state of the body during dehydration, the sodium chloride dropper is able to restore the body's water balance in a fairly short time, due to which sodium deficiency is quickly filled, which, of course, has a beneficial effect on the patient's condition and well-being. It is very important that the solution does not linger in the body, it is quickly excreted.

If intoxication of the organism has occurred, for example, in case of dysentery and food poisoning, a sodium chloride dropper is also placed, because the solution helps to remove accumulated toxins. By the way, just an hour after the introduction of saline, the patient with the poisoning will feel much better, and after a few hours, the sodium chloride dropper, if indicated, can be delivered again, but as a rule, one is enough.

Also, saline solution is used for washing the nose, which is very good for a cold. The solution is able to wash out all pathogenic infections and moisturize the mucous membrane. By the way, it is possible to use saline for washing the nose for small children, even for newborns who can not ease their breathing with drops or sprays.

Why put dropper sodium chloride in ENT - practice? To flush the nose, but not externally, as described above, but internally, that is, the sodium chloride dropper is placed directly in the sinuses. This is most often done for acute purulent sinus.

The throat can also be flushed, especially when it comes to the flu, acute respiratory infections or sore throat. In this case, in the presence of purulent deposits, gargling with saline should be as often as possible.

Dropper sodium chloride during pregnancy

Dropper sodium chloride during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women often have health problems, so the dropper sodium chloride can also be put, but in this case, the solution should be administered only as prescribed by a doctor. It is impossible to do it spontaneously!

It is very important to note that during pregnancy more than 400 ml of saline should not be used for one injection, this is quite enough to maintain a normal state. The increase in volume for administration may be prescribed only by a doctor according to the results of diagnosis.

The composition of the sodium chloride dropper is very similar to the composition of the blood and therefore it can be put even to pregnant women and small children. Saline is a universal medical tool, time-tested.