Why moles appear


Many moles are inherited. They are manifested in all relatives in the same place. Maybe that's why they were called moles, from the word "genus".

Someone has very few or no moles. Someone moles constantly appear in various places.

What are moles?

Moles, in the opinion of experts, are benign neoplasms.

They can be completely different colors (dark or light brown, red, etc.) and outlines (round, oval, square, asterisk, etc.). In addition, moles can be convex and even hanging. Large moles are usually called birthmarks.

They do not always appear immediately with birth. Some moles appear after a few weeks or months of life. It is noted that the surge in moles falls on adolescence. But in adults, moles also continue to appear.

Causes of birthmarks

  • Changes in the hormonal background of a pregnant woman.Moles caused by disruptions in the hormonal work of the mother appear in children by the first year of life. They are usually very bright and barely noticeable. These moles darken with the age of the child, and may even become larger by youth. Mothers often appear in pregnant women. The reason, again, is a change in the hormonal background during this period.

  • Heredity.This reason for the appearance of moles in one generation and transfer to another. And so for many generations. The fact is that the number of moles and even the location of certain moles on the body is laid in humans in DNA.
  • Exposure to ultraviolet rays.The sun often gives light-skinned people freckles in the warm season. The sun also affects the activity of moles. Surely you have noticed that some freckles appear not only on the face, but also on the arms, shoulders, etc. With the onset of winter, some of them do not disappear and more resemble moles. That is what they are. The thing is that due to ultraviolet, active production of skin pigment - melanin begins. It provides a tan. But on light skin, it can be distributed unevenly, ultraviolet absorbed partially. Therefore, there are new moles.However, this reason for the appearance of moles is quite dangerous. Indeed, under the influence of the sun, moles can develop into malignant tumors. Large moles or birthmarks should be hidden from ultraviolet rays. The alarm may become excessive eruption of moles in the sun. In this case, it is better to consult a specialist.

  • Stressful situations, illness.Experiences greatly affect our body, even if seemingly nothing happens. Moles due to stress or illness can both appear and disappear.
  • Causes of birthmarks can serve injuries or viral diseases.
  • There are opinions that The reasons for the appearance of moles in adults are X-rays, radiation, and bites of various insects or skin injuries.
  • Supporters of alternative medicine claim that the causes of the appearance of moles is energy release. This the release of energy in the human body occurs at the site of latent inflammation. They believe that many moles appear on the diseased organ. The more of them, the more serious the disease. Some moles talk about the possibility of an early disease of an organ.

What if moles appear often?

  • Perhaps the abundant presence of moles passed on to you by inheritance. If your parents also have a lot of moles, then you don’t need to worry.
  • If moles do not cause you trouble (do not bleed, do not grow and do not change color), then you are also all right.
  • Better not remove moles, do not rub them. Take care of large moles from the sun. Then there will be no cause for concern.
  • Be more attentive to the birthmarks and moles that appeared immediately after birth. After all, they can turn into melanoma. This is a malignant tumor.

If you still have good reasons for concern, it is best to seek the advice of a specialist. Some dermatologists advise to remove moles located on unwanted traumatic places. For a woman's beauty, large convex moles are removed from the face, hands, shoulders and moles. To remove moles, be sure to contact the services of highly qualified specialists and only after consulting with a specialist.

The causes of birthmarks are many: this is a genetic factor, and an external factor (ultraviolet radiation and other causes), and an internal factor (changes in the hormonal background of women, stress, trauma, illness). It is important to remember that birthmarks - benign education. However, they can develop into a malignant tumor. If you have any doubts, do not postpone the visit to the dermatologist indefinitely.