Why labia lips itch


Itching and burning in the genitals is an extremely delicate problem, which is sometimes very difficult to tell. In addition to psychological discomfort and discomfort, such signs may indicate the presence of some serious illness. Often this is characteristic of sexually transmitted diseases, but may be the cause of other gynecological diseases.

In addition, itching in the genital area can affect intimate life, as the discomfort increases during and after sex, and sometimes can even turn into painful sensations, which completely discourages craving for a partner. So what could be the causes of itching and burning of the labia?

Causes of genital lips itch

  • A common cause of genital itching is fungal infections. One of the most frequent infections is candidiasis, or thrush. Also, itching can often occur from bacterial vaginosis.

Why are labia lips scratched? Itching of the labia

  • To properly identify the type of infection that causes discomfort in the genital area, attention should be paid to the accompanying symptoms. White discharge, cheesy consistency, odorless, sometimes slightly frothy, most likely, indicate the presence of thrush. But during vaginosis, symptoms such as itching in the genital area, pain during intercourse and urination are much less common. Most often, women with vaginosis complain about the discharge. While candidiasis accompanied by all the signs. As a rule, creams and regular ointments do not help. They only bring temporary relief, after which again there will be a desire to take a shower and get rid of these sensations. An effective tool in the fight against thrush and vaginosis are antifungal drugs and antibiotics. In this case, do not forget that they kill all the bacteria indiscriminately and with long-term use of drugs, you can disrupt your natural environment. Therefore, it is best to resort to preventive measures.
  • The main causes of thrush are reduced immunity, negative effects from the use of antibiotics, changes in the microflora of the vagina. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to eat yogurts rich in live lactic acid bacteria, red pepper, garlic, lingonberries, propolis, tea tree oil and grapefruit. It is also advisable to wear cotton underwear and have sexual intercourse only with a regular partner.
  • Bacterial vaginosis often occurs. with uncontrolled antibiotics, previous inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, menstrual disorders, prolonged use of oral contraceptives or intrauterine device. The main advice for the prevention of bacterial vaginosis is to use contraceptives containing 9-nonoxynol, and when using sexual intercourse, always use a condom. Do not forget that bacterial vaginosis can cause female infertility.

Why are labia lips scratched? Itching of the labia

Also labia can itch due to:

  1. allergies to various cosmetics, which include chemical or perfume additives that cause irritation and itching,
  2. synthetic tight underwear,
  3. inaccurate depilation of an intimate place, for example, using shaving, or removing hair with irritating creams,
  4. sexually transmitted infections
  5. non-inflammatory diseases of the external genital organs: such as cancer, allergies, pubic lice, leukoplakia.

To find out why you suffer from itching of the external genital organs, first of all, you should identify the exact cause. If this is not due to wearing the wrong underwear or personal care products, you need to contact a specialist. If you have ulcers or rashes on examination, these signs usually indicate a lesion. genital herpes.

The cause of itching of the labia can be unprotected intercourse, which is accompanied by painful urination and unusual discharge, which indicates a genital infection. Scalded external genitals may also be due to precancerous diseases, kraurosis and leukoplakia. Most often, such diseases occur in women over thirty.

How to cure genital lips itching?

To produce the correct treatment, it is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis, which the doctor can determine. Having passed all the necessary tests and heard the opinion of a specialist, you can begin treatment with medical preparations. At the same time keep in mind that dYou can use folk remedies to make a diagnosis, but they only temporarily relieve irritation and itching of the labia.

Why are labia lips scratched? Itching of the labiaWhy are labia lips scratched? Itching of the labia

  • Helps to relieve genital discomfort herb decoction sswallows, taking sessile baths with the addition of chamomile broth, washing lips of the labia with yarrow tincture, or mint decoction. Sessile baths made from sage herb decoction are considered a good remedy; for some, such a remedy helps to get rid of the itch in just a couple of uses. You can also try washing the genitals before going to bed with a decoction of leather tanning.
  • You can make an ointment on natural ingredients. For this you need: pre-fried and chopped walnut kernels - 1 tbsp. l., yolk - 1 pc., pure vegetable oil - 1 tsp. Mix all ingredients and cook over low heat until the ointment is thick, then strain and use gauze. Use the ointment for strong bouts of itching, in addition, you can apply before bedtime.
  • In addition, in order to reduce the itching of the labia, it is necessary to adhere to certain recommendations: rinse 2 times a day with warm water without using soap; .

Labia lips can itch for a variety of reasons and guess what caused the irritation, just silly. Only the right therapy will help correct the situation.